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Some users text not displaying on mobile theme

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I am having an error where some users are altering their text colour to white. In turn, the white text is then not automatically changing colour when the mobile theme (“default”, as opposed to “Bolter and Chainsword default”) is selected.


This is then creating a scenario where white text is being displayed on a white background and is therefore invisible.

I presume this is the issue - otherwise I’m having a much bigger issue where a very small percentage of users are just having their text being rendered invisible when they post


Issue manifesting on both iPhone (iOS 16.5) and iPad (iOS 16.3.1), both using Safari. 






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Disregard, found the edit button, it’s moved from the last time I used it :ph34r:

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This isn't a bug. It's a bad decision by members posting content. Text color is important, and the software only "changes" color of text when that text doesn't have a color assigned by the member (i.e., the theme assigns font color for text whose color is unformatted). When a member formats a font color, however, that color is used in any theme. If a member formats a color that doesn't work with a theme, that's their bad decision (and to be honest, it's usually done out of ignorance).


This is why the best practices are:

  1. Don't format font color - let the theme do that for you so that the font color has a good contrast with the background.
  2. If you format a font color, ensure that you pick a color that works on both themes - it shouldn't blend with either the dark gray or white of either of our themes.
  3. Alternately, you can pick any color, but also change the background of the text so that the font can be read.


  1. This font color isn't formatted. Any member can read the font using either of our themes. Members using the dark gray theme will see white text whereas members using the white theme will see black text.
  2. This font color is formatted to something that is (hopefully) legible on either theme (I'm using the dark theme, but I chose something that shouldn't blend with the white of the other theme).
  3. This font color is formatted and I chose a contrasting background color ensuring that the font can be read using either theme. (If you're viewing it on the dark gray theme, I gave it a dark gray background.)

All that said, we can change font colors in posts, but this isn't something that we're going to go hunting for. If you see a post whose text can't be read, presumably because the member formatted a font color that doesn't work with one of the themes, REPORT it and add a comment that the font color can't be read on X theme.

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