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Redgrass Games Wet Palette Issue

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FWIW, I've had my v2 since it came out of the kickstarter, used about 3 membranes, with some hefty gaps in-between sessions where I didn't clean it down (as in multiple weeks). No signs of anything at all like you're getting. I've not seen any general reports of this issue either. So I don't think it's fundamentally inherent to the design per se, but obviously my environment will be different to yours.


Given you didn't experience the issue with the V1 but have had it repeatedly with the V2, my best guess would be a bad batch of membranes; potentially not even mould, but something else.


The main antimicrobial treatment is in the sponge, IIRC. In addition to mild bleach for the case that you've done, you can microwave the damp sponge and paper for 20 seconds which will nuke any spores lurking on or inside holes. But given you never had that problem with the V1, and the sponge design hasn't changed, it seems unlikely that you've got that bad an environment. Though my V2 does seal tighter than the V1, so it dries out slower; useful, but maybe the damper inside is more hospitable to mould?


You could try using your V1 paper in the V2 case and sponge, see if the blotching continues or stops (to try and rule out case fit and sponge as the problem); if it stops, it's worth either buying a new pack of re-usable membranes (cheap enough) or asking redgrass to replace. If it continues, could be the sponge, or could try leaving it covered but unsealed and see if that makes a difference.

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Note for that you ideally want an old, brownish copper coin. The patina contains trace amounts of copper sulphate, and that's the thing that will dissolve slightly in the water and be anti-microbial. Just clean the coin first (e.g. with soap and water) so you don't add dirt or other contaminants to the water too.

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