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Leviathan Terminator Shoulder Size

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IDK if it was mentioned in one of the Leviathan threads from before, but I figured I'd warn my fraters of the Watch especially, the shoulderpads on the Leviathan terminators are larger than the previous Terminator/Gravis pads.

The molded-on pads sit a little higher on the shoulder itself, but even if you shave off the molded-on pad, you will need to shave down the actual shoulder a bit too to fit an older Termie pad on. See the pic, I'm holding up a DW termie pad from the upgrade sprue against one of the arms. You can see on the right side that the DW pad is flush against the shoulder, but on the left side the DW pad doesn't clear the shoulder.

I haven't worked up the courage to actually take a knife to any of the arms yet and see how it looks overall, but I'm worried it might end up looking a little off with the rest of the scale overall.

Just wanted to warn y'all before you get out the hobby knives.


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Edit: Here's a pretty definitive pic, so I replaced the other ones I had just posted. Here is a reg Termie pad blue tacked on to the Leviathan terminator. The shoulderpads are lined up flush at the bottom (it doesn't look like it on the left side due to the curve of the underlaying pad). You can see the Leviathan shoulder pad is a little bigger all the way around. And in pic 2, tacked to the side, flush to the inside edge and bottom, the Lev pad is taller and sticks out a little more (but that is hidden behind the chapter icon).


I think I might leave the terminators as is for now and hope one of the 3d printing places upscales their terminator pads a little. It sucks cause I just had 2 orders made specifically for Leviathan in mind. Everything else so far has been a nice match (Firstborn > Tacticus, Terminator > Gravis) that just assumed the trend would have continued,







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I didnt even check when I built the two sets (one for a buddy and his deathwing and the other for me and my soul drinkers) they are bit more bulky but assumed Gravis would fit like they did back in the day...


*shakes fist*

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