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First Game of 10th

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So had my first game of 10th last night. List was a Tyrant, Rampager, Despoiler and a mix of 5 dogs. Kept it simple with no enhancements.


Was up against mechanised Orks, which was not good for my opponent. The only weapon he had at strength 10 or above was the fist on his Gorkanaut. I got first turn and my Despoiler and a Hunter destroyed it between them from shooting. After that it was just a case of working my way through his units unit I tabled him at the top of turn 4, while he chipped bits here and there. I only lost the Rampager (who spent 3 turns in combat before dying) and 1 War Dog.


Probably not much to say in turns of lessons learned as it was such a whitewash. However, the knights are predictably very, very tough to kill without proper anti tank. Even the little guys now.

The Tyrant is better than he was, but I'm still not sure he's the better choice of another big guy or 3 war dogs. Too cool a model for me not use though.

The laser destroyer on the Despoiler is finally good! Yay!

The army and detachment rules didn't make a huge difference to be honest. I battleshocked a few units (and used the stat to kill a buggy on an objective which was nice), but I would have already had better OC and my weapons were strong enough to be wounding on 2s most of the time anyway. My opponent didn't have much in the way of access to free strats, so maybe that would be different against a different army.


I did like that you now can't hide from the big guys. Makes them properly scary. Plus getting cover as a vehicle is great for the War Dogs. 

All in all, it was fun - for me. Need to try a couple more games to see if it was representative of the Knight experience in 10th or not though.

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