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Adepta Sororitas Campaign and more

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Hello fellow brothers (sisters?:huh:), kinda of a new player here from Portugal (played from end of 4th to mid of 7th and returned at the end of 9th).


Sisters were always a dream for me to have but with a full metal army the price alone when you are just a student was impossible to bare :cry: so with the all plastic range and beautiful sculpts just had to do it :cool:


In my gaming group were starting a campaign to attract new players and to also learn this "new" way of playing so this post is just basically to say hi to everyone, post some pics of my army and also lists/ games that I will be playing. I'll be updating this post (on a so so regular basis hopefully) instead of just opening various other topics.


To start it, Ill post a few pics I got taken recently (need to work on my photography skills :blush:) so I hope you like them!







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Thank you so much :happy:


Yeah, think it's going to be pretty cool and it's a different way to try and reach new people for the hobby.


And I got some update on it to:


First game is going to be this Sunday, 1000 points against Gene.Cults, any ideas for a list? In the campaign we can make the list against your opponent, so I am thinking Flamers is a good option right? Any thing else that is a no brainer to add?

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Great painting here- love Celestine's wings.


Curious to hear about your campaign too; I am a die-hard Crusader, so I love following campaigns.


I've made arrangements to get my Crusade book for 10th next week, and I think my first Call to Arms pledge is going to be for the Sisters.

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Thanks mate. It's a campaign but it's on Crusader Rules, it's just a way to have the newer guys coming to the hobby and playing smaller games and understanding how to play the game.


With that said, had my first game against Gene.Cult at 1000 points and managed a win! It's a bit late here so I'll just upload the results and some quick pics I took of it and tomorrow will put the list up and talk about the units, synergies and went well and what not.









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Ok guys, so the list:


Adepta Sororitas

Hallowed Martyrs

Incursion (1000 Points)




Canoness (75 Points)

    • Warlord

    • 1x Blessed blade

      1x Condemnor boltgun

    • Enhancements: Blade of Saint Ellynor


Hospitaller (40 Points)

    • 1x Bolt pistol

      1x Chirurgeon’s tools


Palatine (80 Points)

    • 1x Palatine blade

      1x Plasma pistol

    • Enhancements: Litanies of Faith




Battle Sisters Squad (110 Points)

    • 1x Sister Superior

        • 1x Bolt pistol

          1x Chainsword

          1x Close combat weapon

          1x Combi-weapon

    • 9x Battle Sister

        • 9x Bolt pistol

          7x Boltgun

          9x Close combat weapon

          1x Ministorum flamer

          1x Ministorum heavy flamer

          1x Simulacrum Imperialis


Battle Sisters Squad (110 Points)

    • 1x Sister Superior

        • 1x Bolt pistol

          1x Chainsword

          1x Close combat weapon

          1x Combi-weapon

    • 9x Battle Sister

        • 9x Bolt pistol

          7x Boltgun

          9x Close combat weapon

          1x Ministorum flamer

          1x Ministorum heavy flamer

          1x Simulacrum Imperialis




Sororitas Rhino (80 Points)

    • 1x Armoured tracks

      1x Hunter-killer missile

      1x Storm bolter


Sororitas Rhino (80 Points)

    • 1x Armoured tracks

      1x Hunter-killer missile

      1x Storm bolter




Celestian Sacresants (65 Points)

    • 1x Sacresant Superior

        • 1x Bolt pistol

          1x Spear of the faithful

    • 4x Celestian Sacresant

        • 4x Anointed halberd

          4x Bolt pistol


Dominion Squad (130 Points)

    • 1x Dominion Superior

        • 1x Bolt pistol

          1x Close combat weapon

          1x Combi-weapon

          1x Power weapon

    • 9x Dominion

        • 9x Bolt pistol

          5x Boltgun

          9x Close combat weapon

          4x Meltagun

          1x Simulacrum Imperialis


Repentia Squad (75 Points)

    • 1x Repentia Superior

        • 1x Bolt pistol

          1x Neural whips

    • 4x Sister Repentia

        • 4x Penitent eviscerator


Seraphim Squad (140 Points)

    • 1x Seraphim Superior

        • 1x Close combat weapon

          1x Plasma pistol

          1x Power weapon

    • 9x Seraphim

        • 10x Bolt pistol

          9x Close combat weapon

          8x Ministorum hand flamer


So, the list performed well enough otherwise I wouldn't win :biggrin: but I also got lucky with the cards that I was drawing.


That being said, the Palatine went the Dominions, Canoness with the Sacresants and Hospitaller with a BSS that went up head on the field.


- Units that performed well:

Both the Battle Sisters squads, Repentia squad, Palatine and Dominion squad , Sacresants.


- Units that performed ok:

Rhinos, Seraphim Squad, Canoness and Hospitaller.


Now to some conclusions about them:

- Battle Sisters do a lot! From securing objectives, farming Miracle Dices and just being all around good with shooting (torrent weapons for the win) I really can't complain about them, they did what they were suppose to and a bit more.

- Repentia even in a small unit size were pretty good, whatever they touched got obliterated (we did lost attacks but the re-rolls are amazing) wanna use a full size squad next time.

- The palatine is great (probably better then the canoness in this incarnation) and just gave that extra push to the Dominions with those Lethal Hits.

- Dominions are pretty good, thanks to the scout, first turn and assault weapons the meltas did what they were suppose to do.

- Sacresants can still hold their ground, not as good as before I know, but still managed to draw a lot of attention for the rest of the army to score so I'm gonna use them again for sure.

- Rhinos did what they were suppose to do really, delivered the units upfront, shielding the ones going on foot, fired a few shots (and I forgot to shoot with the missiles :facepalm:) and only got destroyed on turn 3 so not bad.

- Seraphim squad I blame it on me, should have brought 2 smaller squads instead of the big one, would had been better for ground coverage, the hand flamers were amazing of course but the big squad for the missions was just lacking manoeuvrability.

- Canoness was just sitting there with the Sacresants, maybe I could have made more with here but was just so used to the 9th edition canoness doing so much that I think I just didn't played well with here, not sure, maybe I'll try her once again, will see.

- Hospitaller was meh...apart from me being an idiot and forgetting that she gives feel no pain to the unit :wallbash: she was just to far from other characters to heal them so I might swap her for something else next time.


And that's it, next game will be against Drukhari so if someone has any thoughts on what to bring against them I'm all ears (or should I say eyes). We still need to agree on how many points but probably 1000 or maybe even go higher.


Any questions you guys might have feel free to ask away. Also, I'm going to trey and take a few more pics of my army during this week to post them here. Thank you if you managed to read all this to the end :yes:



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Thanks! I really like the Bloody Rose color scheme so for me it was an easy pic.


Haven't posted in a while since I've been mainly building and painting stuff.


Gonna have a combat patrol game this Sunday to introduce a friend to the game, then the game for the campaign, against Drukhari, will be on the 19th, will have another game of 2000 points on the 26th (probably against Orks) and finally a tournament on the 29th (2 games of 2000 points).


So a lot of stuff going on until the end of the month and I will keep you guys posted on everything :thumbsup:

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The combat patrol today turned to a 2000 points game against the Gene.Cult guy from last time (my friend couldn't make it for the combat patrol unfortunately).


Fun game, bad rolls from my opponent helped me for the second win against them.


My list resumed:

1 Canoness

1 Palatine

1 Dialogus

1 Saint Celestine

2x 10 Battle Sisters

2x Rhino

3 Arco-flagellants

10 Sacresants

10 Dominions

2x 1 Penitent Engines

10 Repentia

2x Retributors

2x 5 Seraphim

10 Zephyrim

1 Inquisitor Coteaz

1 Vindicare Assassin


Units that I tried for the first time:

Arcos and Vindicate were pretty awesome! Arcos for such a small unit doing the Hazardous ability dished out a ton of attacks and were very annoying. The Vindicate is just brutal, killing a character every turn and making half the wounds on the patriarch was sick! Coteaz was ok, I kept him in the back with a sisters unit so there wasn't much for him to do but he still defended the unit from a unit (can't remember the name) and gaining the CPs was pretty good.















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Hey! Long time with no updates, been busy with work and life stuff but I've still been painting and playing too!


So first, 2 game tournament back in July, it didn't went well for me this one, lost both games, first against Chaos Knights and then AdMech.




The other result against AdMech was 18-2 for her (wtc points: 82-39)


Was very unlucky that day with my dice rolls and made some mistakes against admech that were very costly. A few pictures here:











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2nd update, had a game this Friday against Nids, 1000 points and won (he is a new player so not a hard thing to do). We also had to end it up early since he had a train to catch but it was good to teach him some things and he enjoyed it very much and that's all that matters really.










And finally today was the local monthly tournament and lost 1st game against imperial knights (59-63) and won 2nd game against world eaters (43-29)


List for today was something like:


1 Canoness

1 Palatine


10 Zephirim

2x5 Seraphim

2x10 battle sisters

2x3 flagellants

10 Repentia

2 Rhinos

1 castigator

1 exorcist

10 sacresants

5 sacresants



2x1 Penitent engine


Some of these choices were just to try out and see how they would go really. Some pictures of the games:













This week I'll try to take pictures of some more of my units and what I am currently working on.

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Posted (edited)

Here are a few pictures a friend of mine took during the Tyranids game (later today or tomorrow morning I'll post some more)










The exorcist was not finished at the time but it is now and I'll post pictures of it later.


EDIT: Here it is finished in all it's glory (such a difficult model to paint)




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14 hours ago, Terminatorinhell said:

That red is absolutely my favorite shade 

Thanks, you can see the paints bellow. From left to right and how I apply them:


With airbrush:

- After the black primer I'll do a full cover of Scarlet Red

- Then from the top direction only with Gory Red (this step is not mandatory since it's just a very subtle change in color from the Scarlet)

- Finally from top and 45º only with Fire Red

Then with the side of the brush just to catch the sides of every panel and rivets with Bloody Red


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Last game on Wednesday, just before the Dataslate!


2000 points against Death Guard and an Epic clash of Mortarion VS Celestine just lasted two turns for then have him run from her and my wounded Canoness came and finish him of! Was a great game having the sisters wining  but now is time for some more sisters since basically everything got cheaper!













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  • 2 weeks later...

Finished my Paragon Warsuits unit and really enjoyed painting them.




Now the Castigator and Stern to go and my backlog will be done :smile:


Also need to paint them till Friday because Saturday we are having a mega battle against Nids so everything needs to be painted.


Forgot to mention in the beginning of the post that if you wish to see more stuff in general feel free to follow me on instagram: @Inquisition_of_brushes


Thank you very much for looking into these :happy:

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