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Hive Fleet Ariagnee

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Here’s the first model for my new Tyranid Swarm!


53029963130_568b613412_c.jpgTyranid Screamer Killer 

53029745854_e77dba2126_c.jpgTyranid Screamer Killer 

53030058553_e2bde5bf66_c.jpgTyranid Screamer Killer 

53028986097_0b2c29e1ae_c.jpgTyranid Screamer Killer 

53029745839_35043e9148_c.jpgTyranid Screamer Killer 


I got an amazing deal on the Nid half of the Leviathan box! When it arrived this beast was already built so I couldn’t resist!


The new range is breathtaking. Couldn’t resist any longer.


This will be the colour scheme moving forward, you may remember my last Swarm (Hive Fleet Ariagnee) it’s basically an upgrade on that.


I’ve chosen natural tones as my inspiration for the army is insects and crabbing with my son!


It’ll be a slow burner at first but will ramp up as the new Codex approaches.


Hopefully Nids win the Battle of Ogrham so we can see the new shinies!!


Thanks for looking!

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Seems like ages since my last update! (Been busy on other projects)

Here’s my latest effort!

I’ve stuck with a muted scheme because that’s my style.

53091655140_4c52559924_c.jpgTyranid Neurotyrant 

53090681622_a17f87aa9c_c.jpgTyranid Neurotyrant

53091736313_1880a90360_c.jpgTyranid Neurotyrant 

The sculpts in the Leviathan box are stunning, can’t say enough good things about them!

I got a great deal on the first lot and now my brother has given me a second Tyranid lot from the Leviathan box!

Question is which units should I double up on? And which ones should I let go?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks lads!


The Nicronomicon, good advice, I’ll get rid of the second Psychophage and Neurotyrant!




I’ve made a small 1k list.


I have 30 Termagants, 5 Barbgaunts, a Hive Tyrant, 3 Von Ryan’s Leapers and 2 Screamer Killers!


Should keep me busy!


Better start making a dent in the Termagants!!

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Couldn’t resist the Von Ryan’s Leapers any longer!


What an absolute treat!


I enjoyed the building (something I don’t usually enjoy) and the detail was amazing.


53136265029_edaa2d6a88_c.jpgTyranid Avon Ryan’s Leapers 

53136265044_e703ea28b9_c.jpgTyranid Avon Ryan’s Leapers 

53136062806_5d05f81dce_c.jpgTyranid Avon Ryan’s Leapers 

53136536223_ebfdd63ebc_c.jpgTyranid Avon Ryan’s Leapers 

Damned auto correct changed the names lol!


What would you guys like to see next? Hive Tyrant or Termagants?

Thanks for looking!

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I’ve been knee deep in other projects but I’ve painted the model my eldest daughter got me for my birthday!

Here’s the Parasite of Mortrex:

53227133298_f3855baa4a_c.jpgParasite of Mortrex 

53226825796_ea3791482e_c.jpgParasite of Mortrex 

53227326960_1baeb5c0f5_c.jpgParasite of Mortrex 

Thanks for looking! 

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I’ve finished my Hive Tyrant for Hive Fleet Ariagnee!


As I’m building towards a Synaptic Nexus list I wanted for her to look more psychic.


I saw Xenith’s conversion and shamelessly copied it! I’m rather pleased with the results.


53257333067_a1247f1731_c.jpgTyranids Hive Tyrant 

53258505668_be21a9b731_c.jpgTyranids Hive Tyrant 

53258700820_5c8a04b57d_c.jpgTyranids Hive Tyrant 

53257333072_945fc7c6ed_c.jpgTyranids Hive Tyrant 

53258700830_b614a5921e_c.jpgTyranids Hive Tyrant 

Again, massive shout out to Xenith!

Please forgive my rubbish photography!

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  • 3 months later...

Been a little quiet on the Tyranid front recently.


My boy wants me to do an “Eastern Fringe” inspired collection, that is Ultramarines, Tyranids and T’au!


I’m thinking Nid and T’au themed terrain (currently we’re using Imperial ruins and trenches)


With that in mind here’s the latest model for the Nids, I’ve gone with the Psychophage:


53508498098_6f0a1e5355_c.jpgTyranid Psychophage 

53507447947_182719fecf_c.jpgTyranid Psychophage 

53508333966_5d12ee7d67_c.jpgTyranid Psychophage 

53508498033_9e1267b396_c.jpgTyranid Psychophage 

53508650884_e6400e1653_c.jpgTyranid Psychophage 


Thanks as always for looking! Hopefully I can get a run on this project so plenty more to come!

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