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Kurov's Aquila vs. Rites of Battle...who wins?

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So Rites of Battle allows the Captain's unit to use a stratagem for 0 CP.


Kurov's Aquila says (once condition is met) that Stratagem henceforth costs X+1 to use until end of game.


Which rule takes priority?


If Rites of Battle is applied first, followed by Kurov's Aquila, the stratagem cost would be 1.  ( x - x) +1 = 1.

If Kurov's Aquila is applied first, then Rites of Battle, the stratagem cost would be 0.  (x+1) - (x+1) = 0.


Anyone have a definitive answer?

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Hmmm, interesting combination. Without looking up the Rules Commentary, I'm inclined to say it would cost 0 CP. But I think it would ultimately come down to the order of operations. In my mind, I'm thinking of it like, I have a coupon for a free cheeseburger. If the price of that cheeseburger is raised, I'm not paying the difference. The coupon still makes it free. 

To me, the wording of Kurov's Aquila indicates that it is adjusting the base cost of the stratagem. So the cost is increased, but Rites of Battle allows you to use it for 0 CP. RoB isn't adjusting the base cost (you would still pay the increased CP if anyone else used it), it's saying the you don't pay any CP to use it. 

But I could be wrong. As I said, I haven't looked it up in the Rules Commentary yet. And I can see how Kurov's Aquila could be read differently to how I interpreted it. 

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