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Assault marines with flamers in close combat

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Space marine Assault Squads (both with and without jump packs) comes with bolt pistols and Astartes chainswords as standard. Two models per squad can replace both the pistol and the chainsword for a flamer (or certain other guns). However, as the the models don't start with a Close combat weapon, this leaves them completely without a melee weapon. Am I missing something here or does this mean that they cannot make any attacks at all in close combat? I can't find anything about a default Close combat weapon statline which anyone can use (like in 9th).


I guess it makes for a trade-off between ranged firepower and close combat ability, but it just seems really strange to have a marine which is unable to make any kind of melee attacks.

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17 hours ago, Jolemai said:

As it stands, they have nothing. 


IMO, not having a close combat weapon is an oversight (even Devastators get this), so talk with your opponent and use the profile for Tacticals/Devastators.

Thanks! Yes, that seems like the best way to handle this.

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