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Hello, lovely necron people


I'm dropping in with a rules query, regarding  cryptothralls, crypteks and reanimation.


You can add a cryptek to a unit of warriors. Then you can add two cryptothralls. So the thralls gain an invulnerable from the cryptek, and have their own FNP, making them pretty hardy and a useful bullet shield. They also get to reanimate because they're now part of the warrior unit, and benefit from the warriors better dice rolls, so they pretty much always come back.


Question is, is that right? Super-tanky models that just come back turn after turn (or at the end of the phase, sometimes). That's how we played it, but it made the warriors insanely durable.


If anyone could confirm that we got it right, so that I can go and have a properly justified panic about ever killing a unit of warriors, that would be great.

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