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House Sidus supporting Legio Osedax

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So I'm prepping the warlord for painting and building and I noticed there is no "hanging between the legs heraldry banner" in the box sprues.

This is the battlegroup box with a warlord, reiver, and two warhounds. 

Is this normal? I always liked that piece on my knights and it's shown in a lot of art, including the actual box art.





Edit: After a bit of googling it seems AT banners aren't a thing unless you go third party or make your own. I might have a spare knight one kicking about. Seems odd they wouldn't have one on the sprue like they do with the knights.

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Nice looking Knights! The banners are especially well done given the scale. You're quite right about the Warlord banners. You get nothing which is a shame. The 40k Knight banner would work with a bit of trimming. I do mine with a bit of plasticard, a paper clip and some fine chain. 

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