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AoS and WFB model discussion

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I tentatively propose WFB and AoS models being shown and discussed in a 40k/30k/GW sci fi context, but no rules discussion.

e.g the brand new Wildercorps Hunters could very easily be painted in Cawdor colours with a weapon swap or two and the dogs are really characterful models that fit the necromunda aesthetic at least a bit. 

The Warcry warbands are ripe with chaos cultist material. The Sphiranx, the slaaneshi pseudo keeper of secrets twins whose name escapes me, there's giant orcs riding huge boars that could be great in a 40k snakebite army. The weird Eltharion ghostly model is a perfect eldar wraith army autarch. The flying dwarves probably could pass as squats if you didnt like Votaan. 


What say ye?!


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We have allowed discussion of conversion of non-WH40K miniatures in the Forge for a long time. Mind you, this is about actual conversion, not theoretical discussions.

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New Release Topics for models from non-40k games almost certainly won't be happening BUT specific conversations about converting a specific unit / model for use in the games covered by the B&C have been allowed to happen previously. The best place for these topics / conversations would be in the Forum that the intended model would fit. So in the context above, the Wildercorps Hunters conversation would belong in the Necromunda Forum, Boar riding Snakebites in the Orks Forum and so on.

I don't rightly recall the user name right now, but we had a Kharadon Overlords counts-as Squats WIP thread in the WIP forum.


TL;DR - Within the context of converting to board appropriate, you can already do this in the appropriate Forum.

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