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Aircraft vs Hover

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Just been theory crafting and wanted to clarify as I'm a little confused as to the benefits of not being in hover mode.


So as Aircraft you:

Psuedo-ignore terrain in a similar manner to towering (more a kin to true LoS, if I understand correctly)

Can't be charged unless the unit charging has 'Fly' keyword

Are ignored as a nearest/intervening model and can't hold objectives

Have to come in on Strategic Reserves and move 20 inches + and pivoting up to 90 degrees 


As Hover you:

Treat Terrain as normal for LoS purposes

Can be charged as Normal

Start deployed as normal

Move up to 20 inches max


The only real advantages I can see then for choosing the non-hover option would be ignoring some of terrain rules and not being charged, just wanted to check is there anything I've missed, as I would've thought there's something about being harder to hit or am I applying previous edition knowledge to the new rule set?

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No, I think you have summed it up pretty accurately. Hover mode is almost always better, if only because you don't have to wait until T2 to come on and start shooting. If the aircraft has a transport capacity like the Stormraven gunship, Hover Mode is even more necessary as otherwise the units inside cannot disembark and get into the action until Turn 3 at the earliest (and maybe T4).

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