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Attached units and Judgment Tokens

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If a unit with a attached character has 1 (or 2) Judgment tokens and the unit dies so that only the Character remains dose the character now have a Judgment token.


In a game tonight I used Ruthless Efficiency to tag a unit of Terminators with an attached character so that the unit started the game with 2 Judgments. The Last terminator died somewhere around turn 3. While it made little difference to the game, and we played it as the token remained, neither of us was sure.   

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The rules don't explicitly deal with this, but my own opinion is that the judgment tokens do not stay, based on the way page 12 of the rules treats them as separate units on their demise, in that:


a)  If one or the other portion of the amalgamated unit is destroyed, the remaining portion goes back to calculating half strength as if it was never part of the amalgamated unit (for example, in your instance the remaining character is only at half strength if it has half its wounds or less, rather than basing half strength on the number of models of the amalgamated unit); and


b)  That each portion of the amalgamated unit counts as separate for the purpose of effects that trigger off the destruction of units - in the example given in the book, if you get a VP for destroying a unit, you get a VP when the bodyguard unit is destroyed, and another when the leader unit is destroyed.


Surprisingly, as far as I can see this issue isn't addressed in the Rules Commentary.


So, while neither of the above rules are directly applicable to your question, in the absence of rules specifically addressing your question they suggest that GW intends for the units to count as being completely separate on their destruction in which case the token would disappear when the bodyguard unit was destroyed.

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Thank you for your thoughts, we did not look at that bit, and used that to determine when the CP bonus from Grimm Efficiency triggered (when the last terminator in the bodyguard unit died).



There is however Persisting Effects on page 10 of the rule commentary, which would apply to abilities like Oath of Moment (as pointed out by a player on the next table over) targeting an attached unit that then had the bodyguard part killed.

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That was what I was looking for in the commentary but couldn't find - I would assume that judgment tokens are persistant effects and therefore that rule would be determinative over what I cited earlier. 

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