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Khârn lthe Betrayer - a Perpetual?

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It wouldn't work, anyway. Lucius was originally killed by that silly Mary Sue character during the Heresy, and he just kind of "woke up" afterward without possessing the Mary Sue. Something similar would most likely occur if he was killed by a highly favored Champion of a rival god, such as Khârn.


On the bright side, EC will probably get another special character with their codex, as WE got Lord Avocadus. Lord Papayon or something. 

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On 8/3/2023 at 8:12 AM, Commander Nicky said:

Is Khârn a Perpetual?

Maybe almost, but in a Khorne way more than Grammaticus or Vulkan. Like he became pseudo-perpetual as part of his fall to Khorne, not as a result of... whatever makes non-chaotic Perpetuals.


I'm guessing Khorne has favored Khârn to the extent that unless you literally kill Khârn by decapitation in single combat or whatever or basically 'Out-Khârn Khârn', Khorne will revive him to continue the slaughter. Of course, Khârn has a 10000 year head start on any mortal, but I gotta figure if like Guilliman or the Lion is able to cut his head off Khorne would probably take the L and finally claim Khârn's skull for the throne. More likely Khârn will just take a bit of a sleep while the rest of the horde distracts whomever knocks him down and then pop back up an 8-day later ; )




The Good Doctor.

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