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Back from the dead!

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Hey everyone,


I am Doc_:cuss:, formerly known as Terminatorinhell (I couldn't log back into my account). I have been into 40k since 2007 but disappeared around 2011 because of grad school+med school. But now I am dipping my way back into 40k!

I've always liked the lore and I missed B&C a lot,from the days of Doghouse style truescale mods, Kurgan's orange marines. I used to spend a ton of time here lol.


I still have my Crimson Guardians and am working on rehabilitating some of my models and collecting new Primaris kits. I'm currently working on a new chaptermaster as well. Then I might dabble in some Sororitas/Ig but I definitely focus on Space Marines.


Anyway if anyone remembers me, howdy :D.

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Posted (edited)
45 minutes ago, Brother Tyler said:

The two accounts have been merged and the email address updated to your new address. You'll have to use the forgotten password function to regain access. If you have problems, please let me know.


Welcome back!


Oh awesome thank you :3

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