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Adepta Sororitas Army on Warhammer Community

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It's taken a while to respond to this.


First off, I like the basing- as a Canadian, I respect the snowy bases. I think the red is so heavily shaded that from a distance, it blends too much with the dark armour.


Also, the player mentions Crusade, which is always nice... But I question the inclusion of named characters in a Crusade army, and this collection has quite a few (though the four character models are actually two PAIRS of models, rather than four named individuals. Now I'm not a Gatekeeper, and there is no right or wrong way to Crusade, but named charcters are frozen in time. They can be battle scarred, but that's it.


No XP or Battle Honours.


Still, as a guy who struggles with painting as much as I do, I respect anyone who finishes an army.

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