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Monolith- how are they doing in 10th?

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Just do what I do and play opponents who struggle with anti armor, easy!


In seriousness, I did have a few games where they did amazingly well but my opponents have just brought more anti tank weaponry as a result. Most of our games have been overall kind of light on tanks but I think that's changing and will probably change my feelings about the Monolith. But it was great while it lasted!

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Vehicles are tougher in 10th edition but only up to a point. I have found that my Land Raiders normally need to be run in pairs to be effective as most opponents don't struggle to take down 1. I don't know how feasible 2 Monoliths is but you could consider including other threats such as Doomsday Arks etc.

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Ouch. I kept trying to fit two into a list but it cost me too much other stuff I wanted. I still intend to, but who knows if I will.

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