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Plaguecasters Nurgle Daemons

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Well thought I might as well start a seperate one for my Nurgle daemons as slowly starting to expand more on them with how pretty bad my death guard are

slowly starting on just using them as allied units but working on building a seperate daemons force 


so far just Rotigus and a couple of beasts but looking to add plague bearers drones and a few other Nurgle units 

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Got some more painted getting a squad of plaguebearers and Corbax Utterblight painted. Unfortunately with corbax getting made legend will just have to use a daemon prince 



what I have so far

next to try and get nurglings drones and a couple of soul grinders plus somr plaguebearer next



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Awesome stuff, the Beasts always make me think of Naughty beasts that just ate stolen cheese pizza ... :laugh:

The Colours look good, I might add though when taking pics of your lovely Nurgle followers, maybe put them on a Blank colour as the Paint paper dazzles the look and they're kinda like all camo'd up there :sweat: 

Always makes me want to go paint that figure when I see someone post some good ones of their own, I have a unit of undercoated plague bearers...

(NO!!...hobby butterfly go away!! :facepalm:


Cheers, M


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22 hours ago, Kythnos said:

Wow, Corbax is bigger than I thought!

Yeah he's alot bigger than a normal daemon prince which is why it's even more disappointing he's no longer a thing in 40k and just got told by GW to use him as a normal daemon prince 


Hehe sorry Mumeeishi my painting table is a but messy and shouldn't tidied up when taking army photo lol 

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