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Grotz Imperium Adepta Sororitas


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So like many I've been hoarding my Sororitas from my Imperium Subscription. To kickstart me to actually start, I pledged the Canoness (amongst others) to the Call to Arms Imperium Stronghold, BUT I didn't really know which Order I wanted to paint as none of the primary ones stood out to me, and I have a long standing customer who regularly commissions new Order of Our Martyred Lady units, so I wasn't going to paint them for myself too.

So off to Google I went looking for alternate Order colour schemes, settling on the Order of the Thorn, red robes with bone armour. Not wanting to test out the scheme on the Canoness, I assembled and primed the Battle Squad Sister Superior, and I ended up deviating from the scheme a little but am quite happy with the result. One thing I will change moving forward will be to paint the gloves in the same leather as the leather straps around the legs, and am considering doing the corset in the same leather as the straps too.




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For this years Boxing Day Bash, I painted Tariana Palos in my colour scheme. and this is where I left her then,


On 12/26/2023 at 6:42 PM, Grotsmasha said:

And done,






I have now gone back and finished up the base, and her face,



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