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Greetings all!

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A warm Hello to all members.


Introductions, where an how to begin??? ..... A brief ramble probably will probably suffice!


Was very much a sci-fi kid when I was little, and my obsession with 40k started when I was 12 with a handful of lead ( yes, were talking pre white metal days!) marines and Orcs I swapped with a mate at school. Can't remember what I swapped them for, but never looked back since! Had a few years out here and there with the usual push and pull of life, but still at it at 42.


I'd say I'm more modeller than gamer, and defiantly into building things fluffier than crunchier. A great lover of all things imperial and especially some of its more labyrinthine, archaic aspects.


I suppose I probably qualify as an 'oldhammer' with my favourite era of 40k being 3rd edition, with it's then still grimdark flavour and the inventiveness and exploration of the factions that came at the time. I'm very much into exploring fringe elements of the 'rogue trader' frontier universe. A great lover of Forge World models.


However, with the advent of 8th edition and primaris I have pretty much fully retracted into the 30k universe albeit for still building the occasional weird Inquisitional warband or two. 


Undoubtedly have more works in progress than completed!  And obsessed with converting pretty much every model, even down to rank and file squad members.


Some of those ongoing WIP's include:


Imperial knight army

An Imperial navy bomber wing under Inquisitional mandate

An Urban Imperial guard detachment

Various Inquisitional warbands  

The Blood Angels chapter (yes chapter) ........... Circa M.38 - M.40 era (no primaris allowed!!)

Alpha legion detachment - with xenos allies and agents. 

A selection of xenos - ergo Zoats, Ambulls and other converted fauna intended as NPC gaming elements.

Some abstract Mechanicum with a hint of Necron influence.

Sisters of silence.


...... I think that's the lot????


Anyhow! .....  Nice to finally join! Look forward to chatting soon!





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