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i'd say im really new to warhammer, i got into it because my friend would nonstop spam refrences and memes of space marines etc and would drag me along to see some fan made shorts on youtube.
instantly fell in love with the franchise even though it's been around even longer than i have, i've never played the board game unfortutanely for a general lack of money, time, and just a lack of warhammer products in my country but i've tried just getting into the community to suffice my need for more 40k content, i've atleast played boltgun, total war warhammer, and vermintide so i'm fairly ingorant about lore.
if it wasn't obvious enough my fave troops in general are the krieg boys.
i don't expect to be active on here but i'll definetly just lurk around and see lots of other peoples posts.
and that's about it, nice being here.

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