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Back after 15 years!!

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Well hello everyone,


First of all, what a nice idea for new members to introduce themselves!


Okay, so my name is Will, and I originally stared playing Warhammer 40K about 25 years ago (I’m 36 for reference) just before 3rd edition came out. I played Space Marines and later Imperial Guard but was no expert gamer by any means. It was the era when there was still no mini for the SM Land Raider; those of you who were there will know what I’m referring to!

After a few years, I fell into Warhammer Fantasy and never looked back. I had several extensive armies: Empire, a really great Tomb Kings Army, Vampire Counts, High Elves, Dark Elves. I just loved it! Played mainly through 5th, 6th and 7th editions. Went to several GTs which were good fun (we’d road-trip it from our local GW store). 

I loved the painting just as much as the playing and some point I also started a 40K Eldar Army - mainly because the minis were so cool! Had a blast painting them, but life, job etc started to get in the way, and I finally sold my remaining armies and hung up my paint brush. 

I’d keep vague tabs on what was going on in the Warhammer world, and was dismayed to hear GW had destroyed Warhammer Fantasy Battles with the wierd, skirmishy game of Age of Sigmar (Stormcast Eternals aren’t Space Marines in disguise…honest…) Sorry I gest: I’ve never actually played AoE but WFB had such a fond place in my memories I was gutted they’d got rid. I’m excited to see if The Old World is what I hope it will be…we shall see…


So why am I back? My best friends son has really got into 40K and I’ve been playing a lot of Gloomhaven and now Frosthaven, and really enjoyed dusting by brush off to paint the minis (it’s amazing how far the paints have come in 15 years!). The coming of the 10th edition was the final push I needed, so decided to start an army up again. I’ve gone for Tyranids and will really enjoy painting and hopefully playing with them, whilst cautiously awaiting the release of the Old World. 

So that’s me! Hello!

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welcome to the hive!i was somewhat similar in my 10 ish gap years and keeping tabs and rejoined in 9th. great timing in starting with nids and all so be good to see your input in the forums. may be outnumbered by the marines here but not outgunned. 

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Welcome back! We have a similar path, once I discovered WFB I played that and Mordheim pretty exclusively for a loooong time, however not played in ages. 


Look forward to seeing you down in the tyranids section! 

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