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Inquisition templates & vehicle choices

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I've  changed my mind for my armies this & next year . I was going for Dark Angels but for some reason Inquisitors have taken my eye of late. I'm a painter & builder not a table gamer. 

1) Had a look on Shapeways & Etsy but no one has done Inquisitional markings for troops or vehicles . i dont have a 3D printer. So was going to try printing my own set of decals . I can see some designs online. I could change a few around to make them different with each unit but are there any pre made inquisition markings out there?


2) This is my various unit listing for as long as it takes 

A)Inferno Pistol Inquisitor with support crew of Jungle fighters / imperial guard & their vehicle is a ironcrawler. ( i have a whole back story designed for this group. Wish i could write as it could probably make an interesting Black Library book

B) The old armoured Inquisitor & his support crew will be various private army of Imperial Guard as he kind of likes wasting towns . 

C) The new Inquisitor boxed set..they will go around in a Chimera ..simple enough 

These following ones are from the Forgeworld Necromunda series & will get new names . Lucky only limited or no conversion needed. 

D) Lady Haera ..her support team will an imperial guard unit with skull helms from Liber Demonica & her vehicle will be the Argus lighter 

E) Corpse Harvesting Party..will use the Inquisition pole from the GW boxed set & maybe replace the small figure head with a Votaan head. Im thinking their vehicle will be Rhino 

F) Lady Credo ..her support team will be Van Saar Arachni rig & 2 x Ambot . Ill probably give her a Tech priest. Was going to give her some Kastelan or Breachers but those Necromunder stuff looks more scarier. her vehicle is Dunerider (ill put a lid over the open troop area)

G) Baertrum Artuous III..Support crew will be some Enforcers riding a Taurox 


Now the only issue i face is lady credo & her robots ...is the dune crawler allowed to take that much weight. Not sure on weights .This & the Crassus are the only vehicles with ramps (& the Rhino is still available in Australia unlike the plain Land Raider which has not been available since Feb/March) . .i know its make believe but would like to stay within reason. 

thanks in advance 

Andrew ..Sydney OZ 


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Dune crawler being a heavy cargo transport should be able to transport Credo and her crew. 


look forward to seeing how this progresses. 


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This army would look great on the table- I love many of the Necromunda models as Agents.


I'm wondering about the Ordos of your Inquisitors (not that it matters rules-wise in 10th).


Also curious if you're using all of the FW characters as Inquisitors, or will some of them be Rogue Traders.


And finally, do you Crusade and Kill Team, or are you a 2k stand-alone enthusiast?


This is a very cool project.

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Thanks for the replays

1) Crawler...i think rules say that it cant carry the Mechanicus robots so will go with the FW heavy armoured APC 


2) I had a look at the Ordos , i think mine will just be generic Inquisitors ..Lady Haera would make a good rogue trader . I dont table game so not sure of the points rules etc , i just build what I would like to see with my figures 




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The adeptus arbites and  sororitas transfer sheets may have something you can use. The symbols with the big I  are inquistion related. Sorry for potato quality pics




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