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Lurking more than a decade warrants an account (I guess?)

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Hey everyone, so, as the title implies, after being on this Website for 11+ years and seeing some awesome projects (Dornian Heresy and Athrawes' take on the IInd Legion being two of my all-time favourites here) I got to the "why not simply sign up?"-point. 


Been on and off the hobby of giving GW unreasonable amounts of money for pretty much 20 years now. Burnt through pretty much the entire LotR-Range, Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves, Ogre Kingdoms (back when bases where square and they still had that unhealthy-pale-skintone-chic), then tried my hand at 'some' (talking maybe 3/4 of a tactical squad plus the old Version of Shrike) 40k Raven Guard (learnt that black armour needs more than lining edges with one shade of grey) and after a few years of hiatus now committed to build, paint and finish a early crusade-themed 30k Force of the VIth Legion. Am up to 3,5k Points and think my pile of shame will be able to bring that up to 5k points of grey, bearded (graybearded?) Terran/Fenrisian Legionnaires. Have yet to play one game of 30k so with that army I went with rule of cool and "whats in the bits-box" instead of what makes sense gameplay-wise. 


And thats pretty much it, as far as it comes to me as new member here. 

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