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wolfguard terminator packleader loadout.


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As is describe you can replace the stormbolter and power weapon for a chainfist, cyclone missile launger and a storm bolter.

This model can only be equiped with two ranged weapons if its a missile launcher and a stormbolter or combiweapon. So you can also change the stormbolter for a storm shield right? Leaving a chainfist, cyclone missilelauncher and a storm shield. The app doesnt agree tho.

Screenshot_20230910-213225_WH 40K.jpg

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Looking at the Index entry, I think the App is right.


You can replace the basic loadout with 2 options from the list. CML and SB is 1 option, you can then take either a Chainfist OR a Stormshield. Chainfist and Stormshield are both separate options so if you take them, that uses up both of you 2 options so there is no way to get the CML.


There is no option in the list to replace a single Stormbolter with a Storm Shield as far as I can see.



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