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Tyranid Unit of the Week: Tyrannofex

Brother Nathan

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So this week to change up its the turn of the tyrannofex... controversial as it just had a major points up and rules change... so has it survived 10th?


  • To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)? And at what points restrictions?
  • What size unit? Will you be running multiple units?
  • What Enhancements, Hyper Adaptations and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices?
  • Are you buffing this unit? If so, how?
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One of my favourite nids/kits.  And one of the toughest statlines we have. Has enough options to hurt things nids find tough. Our biggest gun but is quite swingy in its output. 2 shots at str 18 ap4 2d6 damage heavy..And a brilliant flamer option too.  D6+6 str6 ap2 d2.  But now at 245... its steep. I dont overly want more anti infantry so its weither that big shot is worth it...

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The Harpy, my preferred anti-tank platform, has been horribly nerfed by the changes to HVC.  I do like the ability to threaten heavy stuff at range, rather than letting it have free range to move about or shoot up my Nids.


Rupture Cannon has best range and good but variable damage.


But would equal points in Zoanthropes be better? More easily killed but perhaps more versatile?


Or Exocrine? Very shooty but suffers against damage mitigation abilities.

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6 zoans is 220pts and has a max damage of 42 while the tfex is 245 and can dishout 24 damage. Both wound t11 on a 3+, but zoans get lethal hits


I love the tfex however I don't think the big shot is worth it. It needs another shot at least on the rupture. The bio acid is great, 10 shot flamer is amazing, and a prime target for the overwatch strat, but even then it was a maybe at 200pts, probably a no at nearly 250. It would be different if we could actually put an enhancement on it.


Midfield flamer duties might be done by the nexus relic Neurotyrant for a few less similar profile shots for over 100pts less. 

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i also think the ammount of inv saves in the game seem to put a real dint in the effectiveness of that cannon. from my game against custodies with no tanks firing it against infantry it all revolved around the invs. one turn i got exploding hits... 3 shots all wound...1 failed save snake eyes damage and so didnt kill... at best killed 3 custodians the whole game... 

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Just played mine for the first time. T1 it one-shot a Leman Russ. T2 it took 3 wounds off of a shadowsword. The remainder of the game, it failed to get any wounds through.


Aside from T1, the main value seemed to just be forcing the opponent to react to it. The only thing that it really has over zoanthropes is that it does not have to be put in strategic reserve to do its job, so will not count against your 500 point allotment.


That said, it is a big scary bug that is hard to kill, and has the potential to one-shot a tank.

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back down to 190 points, is anyone now more likely to bring it/had anymore success with it now? i took one throughout but was pretty dissapointed in it. the rare times it managed good hits were stopped by invs(way too many 4++)

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