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Necron Unit of the Week Series: Lokhust Destroyers


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Welcome to the Necron Unit of the Week series for 10th edition! Each week will see a different unit from the Codex, Imperial Armour, and Legends datasheets featured for discussion. The goal here is to discover and chronicle tactics for the featured unit so that new players and veterans alike can use this database to inform their strategies with the wider knowledge of the forum. The game of Warhammer 40,000 is ever changing though, and as the rules evolve throughout the edition everyone should feel free to return to older threads with the release of new FAQs/errata, changes in points values, information gathered from games played, and of course the Codex being released. These threads are also great places for newcomers to the Necrons to post their questions about tactics related to the featured units.

Please note that the purpose of this series is not to lament what the current meta deems “ineffective”, or that another unit “does it better”. Those units will get their own threads.


This week’s unit is:

Lokhust Destroyers


What role do Destroyers fill in your army?

How many models do you take in a unit?

Do you attach a Lokhust Lord or keep another character close by with the Sovereign Coronal?

Are you able to use Hard-Wired for Destruction consistently?



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I've only got to use them in two games but I agree that they are good at taking on 2W 3+Sv units. Either they're left mostly be and have the ability to really put a hurt on smaller units or they're focused on and destroyed for me so far, but at T6 with 18 wounds in a full sized unit they have shown to take some effort to remove. In the game they were destroyed it meant my other units that were on or approaching objectives were not being shot at, which was an OK trade off for me.


Due to my collection being what it is I'll almost always be playing a unit of 6 and look forward to getting to attach a Destroyer Lord w. ResOrb to boost shooting and reanimation.

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I hadn't used my Lokhusts much at the start of the edition out of annoyance - I have 5 because the 6th I converted into a Lord.  But I have been playing with them more recently and making a list by hand accidentally priced them at 50ppm instead of 30, haha.  So I need to try again and not screw this up.  I will say I wish they were still as fast as they used to be - they have gotten slower and slower every edition since I picked Necrons up! 

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