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I have made a new datasheet for the Space Marine Captain

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GW put really silly wargear rules on models nowadays because they don't sell a model that has a certain loadout (even though many of us have models going back years). Here are some changes I've made:

  • The biggest is that Bikes and Jump Packs are wargear like back in the day. I've culled a datasheet doing this (should have been two but there isn't even an option for a Captain on Bike as it stands).

  • Expanded the Bodyguard unit list to include Desolation Squads, might not be the best pick but let people do what they want! Also, no more "Sorry sir, you can't come with us you don't have a PP" from the Hellblasters. Bladeguard are similarly less gate-keepy.

  • Pistol list is back and expanded. I mean really GW? A captain can't take a Plasma Pistol because he's holding a relic shield? please. Grav and Inferno are included. I also gave the humble bolt pistol a small buff, 2 attacks. seeing it next to a Heavy Bolt Pistol was just sad as the latter was betting in every way. Now, (I'm no gun nut so forgive me) the Bolt Pistol feels like a glock and the HBP feels like a revolver.

  • Melee weapons are expanded too. Much of the same points as above really and old sculpts like the "Masters of the Chapter" models are now legal again.

That's it really! Please let me know if you have any thoughts. I've just noticed I've missed off Tactical and Devastator Squads from the bodyguard units. That may end up future proofing though as the Firstborn are sunsetted.

Captain in Tacticus Armour.png

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I like it. I've similar thoughts on captains due to the nonsense from GW. Its nauseating how harshly the 'no model no rules' philosophy cramps the game and affects peoples existing miniature collection. I have a captain armed with a TH which is now not technically legal due to the new codex (not that i care for tournaments) so its just bonkers to me are decisions like this. Same as the Terminator Captain no longer being allowed to take a TH in the new codex, but in the index it was fine. 

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