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2k Army for 8 person Team event


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I haven't played any sisters in 10th(first game is later today) but I'll be playing sisters for the foreseeable future for 8TC in March. It looks like I'll have the take all comers or just score regardless of matchup role for the team.  In 9th i played Bloody Rose Melee with Hospitalier retributor bricks. Not sure where to go with 10th as that seems very underwhelming or non functional now. I've included a list of what I own. I know I'll need to get some tanks. Arco spam seems really hot right now. Thanks








30 sisters

2x5 Sacresants

3 paragons

3x5 MM Rets

2 Rhinos

10 Repentia

10 Zephyrim

6 Crusaders


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So, first thing I'd suggest - Celestine and 10 Zephyrim. They are good to deep strike in, clear an objective of any troops that are on it - their melee isn't as good as BR last edition, but with the +1 to wound strat they can still do work, and the 13 OC score means you don't necessarily have to kill everyone. Plus, the 5++ invuln means worst case, you can AoF a save and hold out alittle longer than expected.


If your going for scoring, Rhinos + Sisters will get you onto objectives, and generate miracle dice. 3 sets of 2 Crusaders helps get cheeky objectives, and if they die, you get miracle dice, at a cheap cost. 


I am also a fan of Seraphim for capping objectives - their move after shooting helps them deepstrike in, shoot and move to cover or an objective to hold, and their speed means they can quickly do secondaries. 

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