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Tyranid Unit of the Week 10th Ed Norns

Brother nathan

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++Norn Emissary and Assimilator++
nids background.PNG


Late post due to holidays but... One i think needs added to our list. which are you funning. are they doing their job. which ability are you giving them. more than one in a list? 


  • To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)? And at what points restrictions?
  • What size unit? Will you be running multiple units?
  • What Enhancements, Hyper Adaptations and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices?
  • Are you buffing this unit? If so, how
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So iv not used them... i dont think their stats fit a gap i want/need. Not that they dont cool but i dont see a place in my army. For others they have a defensive profile to hold a key objective but at such a pricethat 3 severly weakens your army in key areas... the points are certainly wrong and id say seem to be helping to limit certain builds. Am i wrong? 

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It should have been a dual OOE / SK kit. Or a plastic version of whatisface the FW Nid that folks kept making conversions of.


This is kit is just bloat trying to find a place, unfortunately. :confused:

Sometimes trying to expand the range versus just remaking and existing kit doesn’t pay off. :starwars:

He has the kind of fighting profile that either OOE or a Swarmlord should have. 

See also: Neurolictor meaning regular Lictor loses INV save and doesn’t have cool abilities.

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Yeah definately doesfeel like it was trying to be the diamacheron(rip)but also make swarmy etcs stats being lower... nids have few gaps but gw arnt interested in giving nids characters to hide in our units properly like marines do for eg nor support multiples... nor have we seen our long overdue large plastic titan equivilent...and this is way too small for that gap...

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I used the Emissary in a game recently and ut my thoughts down in the afterword:




Long story short, their offensive power is lacking, the defensive is ok, but it makes them immobile and tied to a single objective all game, the assimilator at least has the S12 attacks to do some damage to big stuff, however it then lacks the invulnerable save...


They could easily be in the 230pt range and still not see play, never mind 310. 


On 11/19/2023 at 8:59 PM, Zoatibix said:

He has the kind of fighting profile that either OOE or a Swarmlord should have. 


Unsure what you mean there- OOE and swarmy are better fighters than the emissary at least, right? At least swarmy gets Twin Linked on all his attacks. 

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Ngl i did read your post and was waiting for your input.

I mean all of the above should be feared in cc... my combat units were solod in cc by the nightbringer... im in a position of i want to play my nids to kill but they cant do that... do i wany to play the way of winning by scoring but not true to army ie... norn to jold/distract center... spore mines for scoring and rippers and perhaps trygons ... sounds less fun...

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I think Swarmlord’s swords should have the same profile as the Assimilator l’s injectors.


And OOE should really have D2 for his weep attacks.


I admit that my view of Tyranid combat prowess is stuck firmly back in 2nd Ed / Space Hulk where we die en masse to shooting but kick the crust of most other things. 

Times have moved on, of course.


I have gone back to the First Rule Of Miniature Warfare: shoot the bitey things and bite the shooty things.


As has been noted both here and elsewhere- when Genestealers are merely ‘okay for dealing with line infantry’ - something is a bit off.

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