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Help with future Tau conversions


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I started a Tau army when they first came out and had no real direction for them.  I had two Hammerheads and added a third one.  Then I slapped a Gundam X satellite cannon on the back of one, as I assume most people did.



The coin dropped.  I found some appropriately sized Zakus, Doms, and Gelgoogs and it was off to the races.  DSC05383.JPG.1a38700b3b6368aa00f20a2e06610abd.JPGDSC05224.JPG.2af7906707f3cde1c237a2c2d08cc09d.JPG

The Gelgoog was Iridium Armor, but I guess is Enforcer Armor now while the Zakus are plain Crisis Suits.  The Dom needs work at the waist, but my hacksaw and Dremel are inaccessible, and yes, I know exactly in detailed biological terms what melted plastic looks like inside your lungs and what it can do to you so safety precautions are always the order of the day when the Dremel hits resin or plastic.  I might also reduce the height of the thighs too.  I also need two more to call them the Black Tristars (aka Mobile Assault Force 7th Division 1st Mobile Suit Battalion Command Affiliated Special Duties Squad for those really up on their Gundam trivia or just like long unit designations).  I also have to get a Coldstar Crisis Suit as I have the Zaku parts, name him Char, and paint it red so it is three times faster than a regular Crisis suit.


The infantry and Devilfish are fine as is.  I have a bunch of metal Stealth Suits I plan to paint in the Black Tristars colors and all my drones will get little Haro faces painted on them.  I will have Cadre Fireblade with a Zeon flag replacing the dumb knife he is waving like an angry cook.  I have an idea for a Stormsurge, but between the Big Zam model and the Stormsurge model it will run somewhere between $350 to $400 as I need both kits in full to achieve the look that it is distinctively from both IPs.  I thought of meshing a plastic Stealth Suit and a Gouf, but I am not seeing how that would work.


I will have a Farsight Exia I will never use as I have the old metal Farsight bits and an Exia of the correct size on the way.  I just have to decide how I want him to be; in good condition or damaged with the cloth draped over the left arm's stub.  He will be there to look cool.  I also have a Nightingale kit that is perfectly sized, but that suit is too far in the timeline compared to the rest (U.C. 93 compared to U.C. 79 for the One Year War).  If I end up adding Neo Zeon stuff there is that Qubeley I have that could be run as Shadowsun with the funnels replaced by fusion blasters and drones, but I do really want to try and stay One Year War if I can.  Yes I know that Hammerhead I use for Longstrike is not even the same timeline, but it does look cool and started all this so it, and it alone, gets a pass.


Now my question is what other conversions have I not thought of.  I am really trying to stick to the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War.  What am I missing or should I just take the easy road and spam Crisis Suits?

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I would suggest looking up stuff in the MSV series for One Year War ideas, but I don't know if many of those designs are available at the scale you need. You could look into some of the Forge World units you could proxy with your crisis suit and mobile suit conversions if you need something to replace the stealth suits.

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This is the advice I am looking for.  Please keep it coming.


How to make a Tetra look like both itself and that as if that was how they always were will need a lot of thought and planning, but it probably can be done.

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