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So, with the release of Chrismas Box sets of LoV, it's quite reasonable to Jump into start   a new  :cuss: hole  Project


Anyway, this post serves as a motivation to keep my project going and is my 1st post at Bolter and Chain Sword, and hopefully, this doesn't end up in my already massive pile of shame.


(Please let me know if a post like this is not allowed here to be posted and I'll try to do this somewhere else)


English is not my 1st language. If I sound weird or accidentally offend you, I promise I didn’t mean it and please take my sincere apologies in case you do.

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Of course, this is posted on Nov of 17th, a Friday, when there's one more day to the actual release of the Christmas box. And will all my confidence, I'm not able to get it on THE day of its release.



for those who need a reminder of what was going on


And I figured —— as a massive custom chapter/warband/whatever enthusiast, making a custom league that contains a bunch of sci-fi-alcoholic-space-beardy-short-humanoid seems like a totally wonderful, logical, and reasonable idea.


The company name is Silver Fir Heavy Industry (which is a company in a league that I haven't really started working on the design yet)

Ye, it's not that Warhammer I know.

Despite I tried, I failed to use the graphical visual language that GW designed for Votanns. But I believe I did something pretty cool.


This is my first draft of the design, arranged as a piece of decal, and most of the things are subject to change. (you'll see that very soon.)

But it looks really neat, it will make a perfect start for this post.


So here, allow me to present to design so far, questions, comments, suggestions, and C&C are MORE than welcome.




Early stage draft (1st)

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That all my stock, the past-tense part is gone, that's all I got.



Things from here will look very drafty/sketchy

underage Gretchens are advised to continue with Ork Nobz's company 



Unit Markings: 

I'm currently working on unit markings for each unit. Just like what the Marines got.


It would be very helpful if anyone interested could try to match each marking to a unit.

There are no right or wrong answers, it will help me as a reference and guide me to see if my design language is working or delivering.



The 4 Markings. Red currently serves as a squad leader.




The 4 units I've currently done.


To Do (Marking):

HQ (psyker and iron master maybe)





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Here we go, i believe I finished all my units marking :D



a rather make shift image 


The beard one on the right is my marking for a fancier hearthguard, like body guards/ command squad. 

However, haven't came up with a name for them yet.


I also did some photoshopping as a mockup for my color scheme. 

Yes, very drafty as well.




Due to my limited photoshop skill, the green are slightly off. Looking at a darker green. 


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Did a few more during the past few days.


Still haven't gotten my box yet, it's releasing on the 24th actually, more delay on actually getting the specs of the sprues so I can further correct my size and ratio.


However, here's the progress: 



Did 3 bike symbols with grunge. My Bikes will be 12 with numbers and 3 with grunge (which basically means they are reserves).




New Icon for my Thunderkyn (left), and the one on the right will be my Berserkers. 

(Completely forgot there were berserkers) 



Also, tried to make a few dedicated designs for the fortress.  

(you gotta advertise, right?)


4 hours ago, Magos Kasen said:

Those unit markings look great, very impressive! I think the colour scheme looks good too. 


Like you, I'm getting sucked in via the new box set, so I look forward to seeing your eventual finished models!

Thank so you much for replying, this actually cheers me up a lot.


And thanks again for the compliment too :D 


Please show me when you start your minis too! I'm also looking very forward to what you do too. 

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Good News, I've got my Christmas boxes, which allows me to get my measurements for everything.

So now I can start doing my more specific designs that fit to slots. 


The image ratio is 1:1 to the real (it might seem different on your device, but on my end, it's 1:1 for easier layout) 





seriously, imagine doing marketing in 40k.....

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