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P3 opinions?

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I've got several P3 paints I heard mentioned often, Thramar Black, Coal Black, and Gravedigger Denim. I've got a black armored army (BT) and I'm looking for an all-purpose black to use on them over the Chaos Black spray primer. I'm considering Thramar Black, but I wanted to see what the experiences and opinions were before I start using it on all of my templars. 





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Yeah Coal black is like Vallejo deep sea green or Incubii darkness I think maybe a touch darker very good to have if your going for blue or blue grey  highlights or as a glaze to add a hint of colour. Black can be pretty boring when done in grey scale. You def want to use Thramar black as the basecoat though since it's a true black.

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15 hours ago, phandaal said:

Thamar Black is a great paint that covers really well. I have a pot that I bought 10+ years ago and still use for painting the rims on some of my bases. Finally running out but the paint still goes on as good as the day I bought it.


That is a convincing testimonial! Thanks. 

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I like the P3 paints. :smile: 


As the others have said, Thamar Black is black, Coal Black is a dark blue-green, and Gravedigger Denim is a desaturated grey-blue. Privateer Press have a PDF of swatches for the line, which is reasonably accurate in my experience.


For info: they're made by HMG in Manchester, who also made the 1990's GW flip-top line of paints, and the current line of GW paints. The range was designed by Mike McVey, who designed said 1990's line of GW paints. They use the same pots as the old GW flip-tops, which means the paint stays good "forever" (I still have pots from the early 1990s), but they did have a problem of the tab or hinge breaking, and they could be a bit hard to open (i.e. if you're opening 10 or more, you could end up with a sore thumb).

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