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LVO 2024 tidbits

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Out of over 900 entries, Adepta Sororitas had 22 players that combined had a 50.8% win rate.


Scott Ketcham was the top Sisters player placing 15th(?) overall with a 6-1 record for the event.


Scotts army:
Vahl + 3 Paragons
10 BSS with melta and MM + Dialogus + Palatine with blade
3x5 seraphim, hand flamers
5 zephyrim
3x2 crusaders
3x10 Arco flags
2 rhinos
2 Exos
1 castigator, battle cannon



Stats if interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yQJ5fnh3r9urKfpVtAqv45S43vFIP1Vz83KsYJIrm18/edit#gid=1253492481

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Interesting. Thanks for this did you go? I’ve got some sisters minis I’m slowly growing. I’m super interested in how the average player did at LVO.


Sadly my army, adeptus mechanicus,was dead last. And we have our codex.

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