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Hi community!


I'm a Spanish player, who was into Fantasy, Mordheim, BloodBowl and 40k back in de 2000's and left the hobby sometime about 15 years ago. Now, I'm halfway back to it, mainly playing KillTeam thanks to one of my old play-buddies that's been onto the hobby non-stop all these years.


Glad to be back into the strategy and lore of this awesome universe, and glad to be around!


I'm also a digital product designer and love enhacing our gaming experience with some perks I like to ideate. I love problem solving and may be able to give you a hand on finding solutions to your gaming problems! Just drop me a line and let's squeeze our brain juice together.


I have some of my creations selling around in digital platforms. I hope it's ok if I advertise them in their appropriate subforums. Mods, let me know if this is something out of bounds before I mess it up!! (No spam intended, just willing to enhance other fellow hobbiers with my creations and won't be announcing the same articles more than once).


Thanks for letting me around!


Good games for all!

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Welcome to the B&C!


As far as advertising, the old rules for that can be found here. The basic summary would be to contact the moderator or administrative staff, which would be a mod or @Brother Tyler, and then after permission you could set up a thread wherever everyone agrees to put it. I'd recommend giving that page a read and then reaching out to one of them.


Edit: I forgot before posting that, but the rules have changed, and the new rules are in a post in News, Rumors and Board Announcements here. The way to go about that will be to make a single blog, which you post things to and you'd be allowed to link to that blog if relevant to a discussion like you mentioned. You should definitely read that whole post, it goes more in depth on the matter than a quick summary does.


I'll leave the old link above, as we should amend that part of the rules post to contain the new process.

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