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New Scenario with random deployment and optional tactical reserves

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So I've come up with a scenario that has both players placing objectives before either side knows what the deployment will ultimately be. This is something that worked well in 40k's pas and I'm hoping for it to work well here. 


The psychology is simple, you can't really act on information you don't have at the time and with not only 3 different possible deployment maps but also one of them having 4 potential deployment zones its not an easy thing to game. 


End game scoring is there to keep try and keep the tempo of the battle from being too top weighted as we tend to see in progressive scoring. 


In addition to end game scoring, you get a victory point for every enemy command squad you take out. 


And finally there's an admittedly somewhat involved tactical reserve rule that is optional. Reason being is it involves a lot of added communication between players so both must agree to it as both players would need to know at the list building/army construction stage. 


The intent of the tactical reserves is to hopefully create a steady stream of reserves with the intent that it will keep the game from being too top heavy and also limit the overall amount of activations on he board at any one time as you can imagine your tactical reserves trickling in to make up for losses in your initially deployed forces, but instead of the weight of both sides deploying a full 2 or 3k from the start, they're more or less playing at half that level but replenishing their losses. So a 2k games would be longer 1k game if, a 3k game would be a longer 1.5k game and so on. The hope is for closer games and games that are more engaging to both sides that don't end up in a blow out or a run away vp score. 

eternal war crusade legions imperialis scenario v1.jpg


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