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Welcome to part four of the Blood Angels Unit of the Week series!

Following the release of the 10th edition Index, there is no better time to discuss all the units we have access to. Each week a different unit will appear, with the idea being that we discuss how best to use that model on the battlefield. Where part one will discuss the units from the units found within Index: Blood Angels, parts two to four will discuss Index: Space Marines, part five will be Imperial Armour, and part six will be Legends.
Note, this isn't to lament any nerfs, etc, from previous editions; the rules are as they are so try to unlock its potential for those who wish to use them all the same. Similarly, this thread is only for using the option being discussed; it matters not if you feel something is a better choice as such comments aren't constructive to the topic and shall be removed.
Without further ado, here's this week's entry:


sml_gallery_62972_10568_1098.jpg Vindicator

What are you thoughts here folks? How best would you play a Vindicator?

  • To compliment a list, or to build a list around? 
  • Are you taking multiple units?
  • Which Detachment are you using?
  • What Deployment options are you using
  • Stratagem synergy of note?


Over to you.

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Should you want your model on display here (or on another thread), then submit a photo here please.


(Once I work out how best to float it!)




As an aside, the thread setup may change over the coming weeks until I'm happy with them. This includes the photos.

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I love the Vindicator. A solid brick with enough firepower to make an Ork Mekboy swoon. Enough shots to tear chunks out of elite infantry units. High enough strength to put holes in the heaviest tanks. The Siege Shield allowing them to fire their cannon at units attacking them in melee is just gravy.


They make good close support units for our jump melee specialists as they can move up and keep firing. I like to use that capability in a mobile anti-tank role allowing our jump units to focus on slaughtering infantry.


They are reasonably durable but not too hard to kill so run multiples or mix with other armoured units.

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I am no specialist for Blood Angels and didn't really play much since the 8th edition. But I have learned that the vindicators work best, in a list that makes heavy use of vehicles including dreadnoughts as opponents out of a sudden try to damage all tanks a the same time thus giving the individual tank much more survivability - so 3 vindies and x rhinos, predators and co.

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Agree with Karhedron Love my Vindicator.  I Ran a Vindicator tonight in SOS.  It was tied for MVP with 3 BGV's. The Vindi can do it all and threaten literally everything. Armour, hordes, elites they all go down to its demolisher cannon.  The Vindi destroyed 5 Black Templar termies and their captain.  It kept another squad of Templar melee specialists hiding in a ruin and finished the game with almost full wounds despite trading broadsides with a Ballistis Dread.  It did manage to knock the dread down enough that the BGV ran over and destroyed it in melee.  In previous games I have kept it sitting with a Techmarine who can help keep it running.  I will never leave home without one even in SOS.  I ran it with a Baal flamestorm pred and the two worked very well together.  

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