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Necron Unit of the Week Series: Hexmark Destroyer


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Welcome to the Necron Unit of the Week series for 10th edition! Each week will see a different unit from the Codex, Imperial Armour, and Legends datasheets featured for discussion. The goal here is to discover and chronicle tactics for the featured unit so that new players and veterans alike can use this database to inform their strategies with the wider knowledge of the forum. The game of Warhammer 40,000 is ever changing though, and as the rules evolve throughout the edition everyone should feel free to return to older threads with the release of new FAQs/errata, changes in points values, information gathered from games played, and of course the Codex being released. These threads are also great places for newcomers to the Necrons to post their questions about tactics related to the featured units.

Please note that the purpose of this series is not to lament what the current meta deems “ineffective”, or that another unit “does it better”. Those units will get their own threads.


This week’s unit is:

Hexmark Destroyer


How many Hexmark Destroyers are you taking in your army?

What situations do these pistol snipers excel in?

Are there any useful auras, Detachment rules, or Stratagems of note?

How useful have the Inescapable Death and Multi-Threat Eliminator abilities been?



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I still like the Hexmark. To be honest, I think the nerf to using its ability once has not changed any of my games, despite the general reaction of the internet.


The issue with Hexmarks is that they still just aren't dangerous. But for a cheap lone operative to deep strike onto objectives, they work.


The one unit this seems to do well against is imperial assassins. Seemed to blast right through one both times I went after one. But otherwise I just use them to take an objective or do an action.

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