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Rampager or Despoiler?

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during covid I had time to build and paint the Chaos Knight Army Box.


With it i build:


1 Knight Abominant

2 War Dog Brigands


a few weeks ago I won an auction of


2 War Dog Executioners


and last week another one containing


1 Knight with Reaper chainsword and Warpstrike claw

1 Knight Tyrant


so, what type should the melee knight be Rampager or Despoiler?



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  • Solution

There is strictly no advantage I can see into using the Despoiler as a melee knight.


Rampager have more attacks and impact for melee in all aspects. With these extra attacks + Sustained hit on Rampager in charge you are IMHO more than compensating the rerolls of the Despoiler. 

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If it isn't already built, you could also field it as a Desacrator as you'll have the left over gun (and claw) from the Abominant kit, which includes the parts for all three of the "chaos only" abhorrent kits.  I would also advise magnetizing so as to be able to swap between the types, but also understand that's not for everyone.

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