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Adeptus Mechanicus Detachaments (Rant Alert?)

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The Adeptus Mechanicus detachments rules really do give us a ton of cool ways to play, which is awesome. But, you know, there's always that feeling that some options just don't get the love they deserve. Take the Rad-Zone Corps and Skitarii Hunter Cohort, for example – they're everywhere, and for good reason. But wouldn't it be great to see more variety on the tables?

I've been thinking, what if we gave some of the underdogs, like our stealthy Ruststalkers or the Infiltrators, a bit of a boost? I mean, imagine if Ruststalkers could dart in and out of combat more effectively. Maybe a new stratagem that lets them move after they fight? That could really shake things up and give them a moment to shine.

How cool would it be to have stratagems that actually change based on the type of game you're playing? Like, if there's a ton of terrain, maybe there's something that lets our units navigate it better, or if it's an objective-heavy game, something that gives us an edge in securing those points. It’d make each game feel fresh and require some new tactics.

Also, I've noticed that some of our Tech-Priests seem a bit, well, standard (maybe they will add different relics, warlord traits, or some unique abilities that let us tailor them exactly how we want in the future? ). 

Lastly, I think we could really benefit from some adjustments based on what the community is saying, especially for those playing in tournaments. If something's too strong or not strong enough, tweaking it could keep everyone on their toes and make sure all detachments are fair game. This army is hard to paint and i'll stick to that im no competitive player by any means, but if i spend ages trying to paint something might aswell... use it?

so what do you fellow followers of the Omnissiah think about the detachaments rules? They 100% need a buff they've been one of the worst armies regarding tournament play for a while... But maybe GW can do in a way... we also get more flexibility? Until then i'll stick to my Invasion Fleet :v)

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I believe GW has just failed at choosing a theme for this army and a unique play style. They can’t make up their mind.


To those of us that love the army, or at least to me, the army should be hordes of cyber enhanced thralls alongside archaic weapons that deal horrendous damage; there should be weapons of war consisting of sturdy tanks and walkers, and a plethora of weird units.


Sounds like what we have, right?


Yeah but it just doesn’t work. We’re almost a jack of all trades army but we really need to shine at something and I don’t feel we do.


I don’t know what the solution is but we’re basically locked into this weird disjointed rule set with the canticles and doctrinal imperatives. I get that they were trying to do but it really falls flat.


For example, our vanguard always want to be moving, but to get their +1 to hit a la making their weapons heavy they need to stand still. 

The change to load outs and unit composition also work against us. Vanguard with a TUA? Kinda lame doesn’t fit, but you can make one because the kit has it!


Anyway, we’ve got our codex and these are our rules now. I don’t think they’ll make any big changes. We can hope though.


 Finally, I love the weird stilt man. He’s just horrible. His rules are 100% the epitome of our army; does a couple things, just not well and worse than other options.

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On 2/18/2024 at 8:03 PM, andrewbioform said:

what if we gave some of the underdogs, like our stealthy Ruststalkers or the Infiltrators, a bit of a boost?

Absolutely. AdMech work alright if you ignore about half of the units, but it just so happens to be the half of units that I really enjoy...


Infiltrators are... fine. They get you early points and then die like alot of other infiltrators in the game. Ruststalkers need help though... I think it'd be perfectly acceptable for both those units to go to 3+ WS.


My other bugbear is sulphurhounds. If they just had 12" sulphur breath to be able to flame out of reserves I'd be alot happier with them. Fave minis in the army, but they do very little other than occasional actions and as a speed bump.


Robots - it's just points. I think 80-85 each is way closer to reasonable for them... and I wish I could take 3 instead of 2 or 4.


Just can't escape the feeling that AdMech vehicles should be BS 3+ across the board as well. I like my las chickens but they rarely produce. Same thing with Onager - it's a cool datasheet that's really let down by only hitting half the time. I respect the idea that the infantry starting at BS4+ means that they aren't overpowered once you stack a character on there, but still feels like alot of our units need help.


Anyway - your rant is pretty much warranted. It's still a fun list to play around with, but it's definitely C tier, which is a shame for an army with a codex!




The Good Doctor.

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