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yans run at the dutch tournement circuit


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6 rounds gt with 60 of the best dutch players.


Im not super competetive, since I don’t play that often, but was trying to get best in faction.

But another space wolves player managed to go 5-1 with inceptors, lancers two full loaded twc units, logan on sledge, a lieutanent and Canis rex. Pretty awsome list.


Annyway, heres my list:


Stormlance Task Force




Bjorn the Fell-Handed (180 points)



Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf (80 points)

thunderhammer stormshield


Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf (125 points)

powerfist, stormshield

• Enhancement: Fury of the Storm


Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf (100 points)

thunderhammer, stormshield




Drop Pod (70 points)


Fenrisian Wolves (30 points)


Infiltrator Squad (100 points)


Land Raider Redeemer (260 points)


Redemptor Dreadnought (200 points)



Redemptor Dreadnought (200 points)



Scout Squad (55 points)


Scout Squad (55 points)


Thunderwolf Cavalry (180 points)


Thunderwolf Cavalry (180 points)


Thunderwolf Cavalry (180 points)




its been a few weeks ago, so I don’t remember exactly everything. But ill do my best.


The first round was against a bloodangle ironstorm list, with 3 redemptors, 2 balistus and 1 brutalis. One unit of jumppack dudes. We played take and hold, hidden supplies, hammer and anvil.

I knew my twc and redeemer wouldnt do much against his redemptors, so I tried to ignore them and focus on the brutalis and balistas.

I ran forward and took immediately all objectives in the mid field and move block him in his own deploymend zone.

He shot most things into my twc, but ride hard ride fast kept the damage to a minimum.

I managed to kill the brutalis with my redeemer (wich parked on the center objective) and a unit twc to finish it off.

My twc on the right flank managed pin the balistus dreads in his deploymend zone. By the time he got rid of them I was already far ahead on primary.

My dreads where holding a bit back to take care of his scouts and inceptors.

He made a mistake with his sanguinary guard to get them out of deepstrike where I could wipe most of his squat with the overwatch of the redeemer.

At the end game he wiped most of my units and reclaimed some of the objectives, but the damage was already done.




Then I played against a meta csm list from one of the better players of NL.

You remember the thing with chosen in rhinos, wich you couldn’t shoot, full rerolls on his melee attacks etc. he got it all.

We were playing supply drop, secret intel, crucible of battle.


He started and played save, I went out to claim the centre objective and the bottom left, since those where the first ones to go. There was my first mistake, I shouldve just gone for the last objective to go and hold it firmly.

He played very cagey and manage to kille everytime exactly the things he needed to deny me primary. I also made a mistake on overwatch (where he was giving me some choice stress) with the redeemer, so he could steal the centre objective away. Verry well played! I didn’t know the mission so well, but Learned a lot from this game.




The third and last game of the day was again bloodangels, but a more tactical gladius list. With a redeemer, lancer and a couple of jumppack units.

We where playing the ritual, scrambler fields, sweeping engagement

He started also cagey and took one objective in the middle with a unit scouts. I managed to kill them of with a redemptor.

I was a bit scared of his lancer, so I moved in a bit to aggressively. I held the objectives in the middle but was not ready for his counter punch. At the end I didn’t had much standing and he managed to take my home objective (took him 3 turns), was a stressful game and didn’t play It verry well. But was last game of the day and pretty tired.




Newday new energy. Started against admech.

Take and hold, chosen battlefield, sweeping engament.

Was the first time for me against admech, but looking at his list I had a idea I could win this one.

But it turned out to be a slaughter, I thought to put pressure, but just run trough his units and he barley got trough the twc. On one flank he managed to put some pressure with those big chickens and steal an objective, but that was pretty much it.

Not much fun in this game, was a nice opponent and a cool army!




Then I played another pre dataslate (and still maybe?) meta list.

Vanguard ultra marines with the centurion brick, aggresors, inceptors, eredicators etc.

we played sites of power, chillin rain (finally!), hammer and anvil

I wassent verry lucky this game, starting with capture enemy outpost and bring it down :(

I took the right and centre objectives with my scouts and charged one unit of twc on the right flank into his deployment zone. After him shooting the unit they managed to lock an eredicator unit in combat with aggressive hunter abbility.

My redeemer took the center objective and he decided to go heavy on the left objective, with the aggressors, centurions and inceptors. I moved my twc on that flank back with wind swift evasion, so he had no chargers. He shot his centurion brick into the landraider. I popped smoke and aoc. From the 6 lascannon shots I failed 4 4+ saves, and he rolled exactly 16 damage. That was when I really wished I had something in that redeemer to keep the objective.

My dreads where to slow and blocking each other with the two units of twc to do something about the castle on the left flank. He also had a real good secondary play.

I probably shouldve gone in a bit more aggressive to avoid my own move blocks and give him less space to teleport around.

56-86 for the ultramarines


last game was against aeldari.

I didn’t play against them in this meta, but I know the movement tricks they got.

I decided to go in aggresivly and it payed of.

He started and shot a bit of thunderwolves, then I managed to charge all my thunderwolves and consolidate into other units, pinning most of his army.

At the end of turn 3 he conceded with almost everything of the table




was a fun tournament and one of the best scores for me so far.

For the next tournament (9tht of march a 5 round on one day) im planning to take one redemptor out (since they didn’t do much most of the games and replace them with a unit of assault centurions.

Them shooting and charging out of the redeemer is hopefully gonna help taking out some big threads, units hiding behind walls and keeping objectives.

Then theres some points left to upgrade the droppod to a calidus assasin.

my aim will be to go 4-1












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