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should there be rank progress for other factions?

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I know a lot of people play space marines but maybe there could be rank paths for other factions?




genestealer cults: first generation hybrid second generation hybrid etc

aelderi: guardian, aspect warrior, dark reaper, etc

ta'u pathfinder, fire warrior, stealth suit pilot, etc

orks: boy, nob warboss, etc

I'm sure there is someone who can can make something much better but this is just a proof of consept.


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The software only allows for a single progression - there's no way to create multiple titles that the software might select based on a member's chosen faction. The mascot for the B&C is the Legio, a Space Marine Chapter [of sorts] since the site was founded to support Space Marine players, so we default to the Legio (and generic Adeptus Astartes) for things like this.

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That would create a situation where we would be implying some hierarchy where factions are better/worse than others. Moreover, understanding what that hierarchy actually is would be challenging, with people that care wondering if their rank was higher or lower than some other rank when there is no intuitive recognition. For example, would an Ork be higher or lower than a Genestealer? A system including all factions would also create more ranks than are necessary and would give us a constantly moving target as Games Workshop introduces new factions and potentially removes existing factions.


Ultimately, ranks serve little purpose other than to provide a basic indicator of how active a member has been in the community. They don't confer any privileges or permissions. Just because a member with the Venerable Brother rank says something doesn't mean that their opinion is more valid than that of a Novitiate.


Members desiring to proclaim their allegiance to/favoritism for some faction, and doing so in a personalized manner, have many methods for doing so. The most obvious is the personal photo/avatar. Others include the display name (chosen at time of registration, but occasionally allowed to be changed), signature, about me page, and the "Faction" information in the personal photo.

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