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State of Sisters of Battle?

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Ever since Sisters of Battle got plastic models back in November of 2019 and then me selling off my metal Ebon Chalice army in March of 2020.  I have around 15 unopened boxes of the plastics.  Which include 3 immolators, 2 exorcists, 1 castagitor, 1 rhino, 6 or so seraphim boxes, Celestine and her friends from the boxset like 2018 or whatever, 2 batlte sister boxes, a canoness, Palpatine, dialogus, the shrine of Saint Catherine, retributors.  Think a hospiatailor, and maybe an imagifer around also.  I have assembled the starter box of Sisters from 2019 and a combat patrol.  Then I have 2 boxes of I guess they're being called Nundans.  I been slowly painting on the battle suits though.  A box of the new sacerments or whatever they're called.  I built them back in 2021 and finally finished painting them in December after a lot of delays and putting them off.  I assembled them with halberds and guess that's no longer the way to go.  

I was curious as I totally missed the entirely of 9th edition, even bought the cards and codex.  Mostly due to the pandemic and a general interest of wargaming and or getting out of the house.  As I worked through the entire pandemic.  I wanted some time to myself and wish I had the extended paid vacation so many got.  Guess we are now onto 10th edition and wowers how the time has flown with editions and stuff.

I started playing with 3rd edition and had a medical injury that kept me at home and depression. I got to see the start of 4th and then the tail end of 5th.  Played some 5th, 6th, 7th and maybe 7 games in total for 8th.  I checked out some youtube videos and guess the ladies are not doing so hot right now.

Was trying to figure out what is what.  I am considering with what I have doing a mostly mechanized force.  Since I got 5 transports, guess the exorcists and castigators can do some heavy tank lifting.  Then use the massive amount of Serphaim I have to fill in the rest.  I was curious about the Inquisitors stuff also.  As I have a wonderfully painted Greyfax and the limited Edition 3rd ed Witchhunter which have never got to see a game yet.  I am pretty lost as what's going on.  Then from a quick glance at the forums seems this armies not doing so hot right now.  That's fine as I love the Witchhunter vibe and the grimdark Blanche stuff of the army.  I can fondly repaint the army and get some causal games in.  Since I am not very into the ITC tournament circuit or even local tournaments as I dont really have the time to dedicate to since they happen on my ttrpg day.

Thank you and sorry for a long post.  I am hoping in the near future to guess necro raise my own Ebon Chalice thread.  I mean it's my thread dedicated to my journey with the metal models and my progress over nearly 20 years of painting off and on.

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@Sume Adepta Sororitas are in an odd spot as are a lot of non codex armies. With the lost of the Different orders and all Adepta Soroitas armies playing the same way and units in ITC, army is definitely stagnate, IMHO.  


I started playing tell end of 2nd edition, just after the Sisters of Battle were released. And still have played them all these editions later. While I did not sell my metal Sisters I did switch to all plastic. I have struggled in every game I played with them until I said :cuss: the meta and went back to playing my style of all infantry and and getting into gun fights at 12 inches. My current 1K pt list has 74 models in, which only 10 are Novitiates. 


Imperial agents are fun (I run them in my Grey Knights) and the new Kill Team box is a great addition to build up a retinue. You may want 2 boxes tho.


I look forward to seeing your Army in the future

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That's a shame on the state.  Does make the youtube videos make some more sense now.  I do know I generally disliked the formations of 6/7th ed.  Broken in every way.  Then I didn't care for the detachments.  Glad that the rule of 3 was quickly put in place to help with the "no troop" tax that people started to bring.

I'll paint what I got and see how it goes.  Hopefully I can start actually playing stuff again.  Might play Mordehein, Kill team, AoS, Warcry, ToW or something with some friends again in the near future.  I use wargaming more to get out of my place and helps me socialize.  I like the painting side more than playing a lot of the times. Since it seems all the armies I like get the :mellow:treatment.  I recently been trying to play 9th age as I really missed old fantasy rank and file and found that game is nothing but a team tournament driven ruleset.  Huge massive turnoff.  I am used to having a bottom tier army sadly.

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It's about to go away but 3rd Ed AoS,  for me who has played fantasy since 5th, I love it. It took getting thru 1st and 2nd AoS to get here now but 4th is dropping in summer so say la ve. I like the simplicity and mechanics of 3rd not as much as 5th Ed fantasy but enjoy the game alot. I will miss playing it and am praying hard the new rules are a hit and not a miss.

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I hear that one.  I have around 10k points worth of painted Slaanesh demons last time I tried to just add it up in battlescribe during 8th ed.  Sadly, havent used them for 40k or even AoS since 2019.  Got a game of warcry though a few years ago and just brought down some of the Slaanesh demons.  Oddly enough I actually have a valid Gravelord Soulblights army if I use whatever sub faction is the one Neferetti leads.  I slammed together a start collecting box, vanguard box, zombie dragon vampire, and 2 extra boxes of black knights for an Army on Parade entry in November.  I couldnt find a 2nd start collecting box hence the vanguard box and why I ended up with 15 black knights.  As I would have made some hex wraiths instead if I knew.  Havent even got a chance to play with the army.  Did manage to get the Gold entry for AoS for an army I assembled and painted in a month and half.  

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