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Tyranid Unit of the Week 10th Ed Tyrannocyte

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so our only dedicated transport. is it deepstriking into your lists? 


  • To compliment a list, or to build a list around? Will the beta rules affect your list(s)? And at what points restrictions?
  • What size unit? Will you be running multiple units?
  • What Enhancements, Hyper Adaptations and Stratagems do you prefer and how much does it depend on the above choices?
  • Are you buffing this unit? If so, how?
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105 point living droppod. in itsself its ok and decent set of stats but thats not why you want it. bringing stuff in t1 where your opponent least expects it is... 20 small bugs, 1 mid monster or 6 mid beasts... 2 units of pyrovoes?  squad of zoans? tyrant/ old one eye termagaunts?

its more fun than great.... but its expensive in £$$£$£$£

i prefer when i made my own...

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