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What mounting putty do you use on your paint handles?

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For priming my models, I have a collection of scrap pieces of wood and I either use elastic bands, similar to the GW paint stick, or blue tac to hold the models on. I have never had any problems with bluetac even turning the models upside down and (accidentally a few times, stumbling over things in the garage) shaking them around a bit too much.... as long as I have worked the tac a fair bit ahead of using it. I tend to get a good few uses out of it as it is mainly hidden under the bases so doesnt get contaminated with paint.


When I get to painting, I have a select of GW handles, corks or old paint pots - again blue tac on the latter of these works perfectly.

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Empty pill bottles with solid lids that don’t rotate on you with a mound of Museum Wax or putty should do well - that’s what I use for my air brush stands/handles for models.


For fixing them down to my “Lazy Susan” for airbrushing, I either use the Museum Wax or double sided plastic tape, depending on if I have the latter at hand - been trying not to use it much.


Caution though, the Museum Wax does give you a fair waxy build up on the bottoms of bases - will need to thoroughly clean with a towel/sponge.

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