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Blood Angels "Learning the game" List - 1000 points

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I've hobbied in Warhammer 40,000 since 4th edition but have only played the game itself since the launch of 8th edition. I want to get into HH as having read the rules I love the nuances but there's a lot going on so want to start slow with actually playing the game. To that end, how this for a Blood Angels Day of Reckoning list to learn the game with.
  • Dominion Zephon
  • Assault Squad
    • Legion Assault Sergeant
      • Inferno Pistol, Power Sword, Artificer Armour
    • x9 Legionaries
      • Bolt Pistols, Chainswords
  • Tactical Squad
    • Legion Tactical Sergeant
      • Bolter, Inferno Pistol, Power Sword, Artificer Armour
    • x9 Legionaries
      • Bolters, Bolt Pistols, Chain Bayonets, Legion Vexilla
  • Tactical Support Squad
    • Legion Tactical Support Sergeant
      • Plasma Gun, Bolt Pistol, Artificer Armour
    • x4 Legionaries
      • Plasma Guns, Bolt Pistols
  • Reconnaissance Squad
    • Legion Recon Sergeant
      • Inferno Pistol, Nemesis Bolter
    • x4 Recon Legionaries
      • Bolt Pistols, Nemesis Bolters, Nuncio-Vox
  • Contemptor Dreadnought
    • Combi-Bolter, Gravis Bolt Cannon, Gravis Power Fist, Havoc Launcher
As I look to grow my collection I already have a Leviathan with claws unbuilt and a 40k Jump Chaplain I aim to use. Looking at adding more assault squads and a squad of 10 Heavy Support Squad armed with assault cannons.
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I think your list is quite a good one to start learning with, although you don’t really have much to shoot at vehicles with. I might be tempted to drop the inferno pistols on the infantry and the havoc launcher on the dread and use the points for lascannons on the contemptor.

On a more general note, I’m not sure I’d use any rite of war for my first ever couple of games. All the Rites alter/ignore the normal rules of the game to some degree, even if it’s just in the list building requirements or restrictions. It might be better to practice and understand how things normally work rather than start out with things that are exempt. 

In the case of Day of Revelation it alters the rules around deep strike in quite a significant way. Firstly it allows you to ignore rolling to see if/when your reserves arrive. Secondly it eliminates the scatter that the first deep striking unit normally has to do. The fact it also makes your non-deep striking units fearless in the first turn means you’ll also be ignoring morale tests for a while. 

There’s also a gaming reason why I probably wouldn’t go with DoR for this game. This rite is generally designed around a mass deep strike, with lots of units arriving at the same time. You’ll only have one unit deep striking in the game and the fact you have to put a marker down telegraphing exactly where it’s going to land means countering it will be super easy. 

I would just run the list without a rite to start with. The assault squad can still deep strike if you want them to and you won’t be showing where they’re going to arrive until you actually bring them on, plus you’ll get a better handle on the normal rules to start with.

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Maybe not an issue depending on if you mark up your squads, or if you plan on bumping the squad to 15 as you can fill them out later, but you always want to max out the power weapons in an assault squad, so grabbing 2 amongst the 9 marines is a definite must when building/painting them.


Other than that I agree with the above, you really want to put an anti tank weapon on your Contemptor so you have at least one decent ranged high strength attack - I'd suggest magnetising the gun so you can swap it as your force grows and understanding evolves.

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