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On the Blasted Dunes of Armageddon - Storm Lords 4th Edition project

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For the Great Khan!


I've got a couple of pals that aren't getting on with 10th edition as they much prefer what I'd call "analog" rulesets. I recommended playing an older ruleset and we all were drawn to 4th edition as a couple of us got in with the Battle for Macragge box and based on a poll on this site and elsewhere, 4th looks good to go.

So far we have: Orks, Necrons and Grey Knights. I have several 40k armies already but I'm a big fan of keeping armies separate for differnet game systems and I have a box of firstborn marines in a box (including some RTB01 vehicles) in varying stages of disrepair so I figured they'd be great to jump in with!


I'm a big White Scars fan and the halved scheme of the Storm Lords is a classic and I feel like I'm at a point in my painting that I can give a halved paint scheme and notoriously difficult colours a go. I'm also looking to upgrade my GS work, I think some furs and fetishes would work really well on these guys. I'm not too sure which Brotherhood I'll be taking them as but I'll be doing all their helmets Yellow and have their company markings on their kneepads. It's not codex adherrent but G-Man will never find out! :wink:




I usually like to build a small list first, build the models for that list and then go from there so:



Librarian Codicer: 100


5 Space Marines, Heavy Bolter, Terminator Honours, Power Weapon on Sergeant: 105

Razorback, Extra Armour: 75 (becomes Fast Attack with the Flesh over Steel Drawback)


5 Scouts, 4 snipers, Missile Launcher: 95


3 Bikes, Plasma Gun: 106


Total: 481


The 4th ed codex has a really cool system for divergent chapters where you can mix and match benefical traits as long as you take drawbacks. The White Scars ones are listed as:




Be as swift as the Wind: Bikes can be taken as Elites (+ some extra special rules at a points cost) or be taken as Troops (minimum of 5 bikes in a squad and also some extra special rules at a points cost)

Trust your Battle Brothers: Infantry units that aren't terminators can take True Grit and Counter attack at a points cost


Flesh over Steel (Major Drawback):  You can only take one of the Heavy support tanks (no LRC or Pred Annihilators allowed) and Transports count as Fast Attack



Basicially how you'd want to build a White Scars army anyways! True Grit and Counter Attack seem to be pretty great to be honest so I'll definitely be taking them at higher points levels!

I'll be building the tac squad in the next week and starting to get some paint down too :happy:

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Thanks both!


23 minutes ago, Grotsmasha said:

Something I learned when I painted a one-off Storm Lord, the helmet colour is the COMPANY colour, so you're not locked into yellow , I mean I prefer it, but it does give options to you.


I think I'm going to stick with the yellow helmet as it pops a bit more and I prefer it much more. When you're going with white and red halved why not throw the yellow in too? :sweat:

There's a colour pallette of a primaris marine with a red helmet instead as that's their company colour an it almost looks like a different chapter to me:


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In between painting some bits for other game systems (Darkoath baybeee!), I've gotten these guys build cobbled together from a load of different bits and models I stripped this weekend. I want to do some GS fetishes and some fur here and there too before I start painting them:




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On 4/4/2024 at 5:27 AM, TrawlingCleaner said:

I'm not too sure which Brotherhood I'll be taking them as but I'll be doing all their helmets Yellow and have their company markings on their kneepads.

As a Storm Lord, I will also recommend doing the helmet colour as company colour thing. I chose 5th Company black helmets for basically a demi-company, but the occasional different coloured unit for reserve company stuff gives just enough of a difference from time to time that the scheme doesn't get stale. Also, I kind of see the helmet colour thing as a great way to ramp up the inter-company rivalry theme from the Scars lineage, but it's been 'translated' in a way that's Codex compliant.


Of course... I've also defied the codex in putting battleline markings on my assault intercessors because... they are obviously battleline to me. So you do you - as always.


I do love the classic look of yellow helmets generally though.


Anyway - looking forward to more!




The Good Doctor.

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