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From within the Eridayn Cataract

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Long time lurker, recent member to the forum. I am primarily a Horus Heresy enjoyer, a Blackshield from the glory days of 1.0. I look forward to discussing all things Warhammer with you all, including, but not limited to, painting, lore, 3d printing, and janky rules interactions




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16 hours ago, MoriyaSchism said:

Welcome aboard. 

Nice avatar by the way, that's the best Sons of Horus helmet in the range.

Thank you! it is the only evidence that remains of a Reaver Lord that I painted for 1.0 lol

10 hours ago, Agramar_The_Luna_Wolf said:

Hello! Welcome aboard, frater!

Thanks for the warm welcome, frater :)



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