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Project Re Launch: Vashtorr / Iron Warriors back on the Table

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Thank you Dr!


Ever since his storyline which I really enjoyed I've felt  he could bring so much to the table (figuratively and literally). This detachment seems to legitimize Vashtorr's existence more than ever.... even if his personal Dataslate is 'bad'. (Hard to say but larger models like Primarch's have not been very good so far.)


The good news is even if he stinks, I have multiple Iron Warrior Warpsmiths ready to roll. The enhancements will do very well on them, and I think with Vashtorr's detachment, it will be critical to have repair capable units on the table to help minimize the added danger brought to the Dark Pacts rule.



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If I recall from the books, Vashtor and Perturabo worked together. To me it fits thematically at least. And I know there is a (longshot?) rumour that Perturabo returns in an end of 10th storyline, but I will believe it when I see it.



7 hours ago, TrawlingCleaner said:

Beautiful work as always Prot and great to hear you'll be back in with your Iron Warriors, their detachment and Vashtorr's both look nuts!


What? The IW detachment has been shown??!!



Here's the IW leaks:





And I found Vashtorr:








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They are slightly worse than before, in that they can only get their +1 attack buff when killing things in melee (and no longer in shooting) but I can't really be too upset when that makes a lot more sense fluff/background/lore wise.


Love your models - you have a fantastic sense of lighting.  Feel the venomcrawlers could use a little something to break up that big dome of a thorax (particularly on the mouth side) - maybe some stripes or an iron warriors symbol?

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Thanks. I'm okay with how industrial they look. It's actually the goal.  (I've seen them with hazard stripes and I'm not entirely sold on the look.) But you never know, I may revisit them.... Right now I'm in the struggle to get as much added as I can to the collection for a test game this Friday!


I thought they went down a few points recently?


Regardless I plan on running them up with Vashtorr just to get them +1 Strength, but more importantly I need to round out the list with a Defiler (the ability to interrupt for free is looking really good.)


I'm on the fence about the Disco Lord, and the Heldrake. I'm wondering if it might be a better play to take the Helbrute and/or Vindicator, and potentially convert it to a Daemon Engine during the game.

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The Crawlers dropped 10 points in the last MFM, however with the new codex the Soul Eater ability is changed to only activate on Melee kills:


Mildly worse but I think most of the detatchments give them a big boost so I think it comes out in the wash!


I love that people are coming round to the idea of Defilers, they rock! :biggrin:

If the kit isn't your jam, I think there's a bucnh of conversions you can do to make them look unique and not use the poor old janky kits


Discolords are really interesting, entirely based on their points I think. For me, I think they sort of slot in that mid-tier melee Brawler. Below Maulerfiends, Defilers, Abaddon etc but just above a Venomcrawler. Lots of S6, -1AP, D2 attacks on a fast and pretty durable frame. Enhancements and the Mounted Keyword can really boost it further too I think.

Maybe an odd opinion but Heldrakes are actually pretty good anti-C'tan IMO. Tank Shock + Anti-Fly Dev wound claws could be enough to finish a C'tan off if you're reasonably lucky I think. I've not done the maths though so I could be way out of whack! :biggrin:

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I love how optimistic you are about Heldrakes. lol  They seem to go from great to horrible to okay, back to horrible in 9th. I tried them at the beginning of 10th and felt they need a real boost from a detachment. 


I do like that the fact the Disco lord is that rare Daemon Vehicle character that can carry an enhancement. I think that's one of his pluses right now. 


For a Defiler I sold mine off a while ago and I have put together and started painting 2 Soul Grinders since the foot print is so similar, I find I prefer the body. I'll probably try one (Defiler) this week in a game with the new detachment. Can't wait.

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I would say the degrading of the Venomcrawler's Soul Eater does make it (the ability, not the crawler) quite a bit worse, as the crawler has 2x as many shooting attacks to melee ones (and they are otherwise identical).  That said, the ability was always just a nice bonus if you triggered it rather than something necessary to make good use of the crawler, and the change brings it more in line with the fluff for the vehicle, so I can't complain too much.  I think the venomcrawler is still a good cheap fast harrasser with decent firepower.


As for the helldrake, I've only fielded mine once (in 9th) but found that while its speed was nice, it really didn't have enough melee "oomph" to make a meaningful impact when it got there.  So far, I haven't seen anything in the rules that would change my opinion on that - so at 200-ish points it just doesn't do enough to justify the expense.  2 venomcrawlers cost only a bit more, and I would much rather have those.


Discolord seems to fall in the same boat - overpriced for what it does.  At its current point value, I feel you get more impact from a maulerfiend which is 25% cheaper.

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