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The Bury'd Dagger - Heresy event in Manchester UK


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So I'm running a small heresy event in Bury, Manchester (UK) on the bank holiday Monday 27th May if any board members would be interested,. The event is live on FB (Don't know why I didn't post here earlier).


It's a one day event with of 2, 3000pt Loyalist v Traitor games, to decide the fate of the Torcastra Zone PM me if you're interested - event rules and info attached below. 


The Bury'd Dagger on Facebook



Bury'd Dagger Heresy Event p1.jpg 


Bury'd Dagger Heresy Event p2.jpg

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No currents living in Wales but moving to Bristol end of May. If an event is interesting enough to me I'll travel anywhere to play, given enough notice.

When Apocalypse first came out 6th edition, I was driving all over every weekend to play on games :biggrin::devil:

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2 hours ago, Valkyrion said:

Preferred Enemy: Unpainted. Nice. 


Haha, yes, not to limit people bringing stuff, but youre at a disadvantage if your unit isn't painted! 

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